I love summer


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  31 January 2006
we are expecting -48C tonight! Gosh! By the way, photo taken by  me in Eze, France.

Caline  ·  long ago

Facu  ·  long ago
Good job, Vlad!! I like this one.

Ally  ·  long ago
Hmm.. not my favorite. Too plain. I hate green. But good job anyway. :)

zlato  ·  long ago

divya  ·  long ago
wow its very soothing,needed badly something like this in this summer.. Thanks..Looks gr8 on my desktop

jayesh  ·  long ago
i like ur all the wallpapers. u do best work. all r like miracles

Melaresah  ·  long ago
i give u two thumbs up!!! (Y) (Y)

chyanne  ·  long ago
thats the best!!!!

buy cialis  ·  long ago
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

Prerna  ·  long ago
A very clean & pleasant wallpaper. One of my favs!

leah  ·  long ago
i love the wallpapers here in vladstudio :-) makes my desktop look clean, not cluttered...no distracting stuff (Y)(Y)

dimi  ·  long ago
so nice! thanks!

dimi  ·  long ago
so nice! thanks!

rob  ·  long ago
super good!!!(Y)

misiak  ·  long ago
this will be my favorite wallpaper when spring come (Y)

dante.deitsolutions.com  ·  long ago
Óõ, êàê çäîðîâî! Âñå ãåíèàëüíîå — ïðîñòî! ;-) Ñïàñèáî! (Y)

justin  ·  long ago
beautiful. just like the tree i would absolutely love a tutorial on how you made this. i have a feeling this wallpaper would look awesome in other fun colors.

amaya  ·  long ago
...and i love your wallpapers (L), always something to enjoy here

Jaideep  ·  long ago
Creates a beautiful atmosphere :-)

son  ·  long ago
i very like

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