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Vlad Gerasimov 18 June 2007
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????FOX long ago
fox long ago
Believed you certainly have funs of China, I am one of them, love your works
Janice Chaves long ago
UWO long ago
scary feet, but cute... u aLways success in making me smiLe
Kia long ago
Ribbot long ago
Its pretty cool and those little guys look like their eyes are on top of eachother
Sebastian long ago
Nice one! But i get a bit depressed while looking at it. Hehe. Something that i havent seen is a self-portrait. Can you make it hapend? Would be cool if you did it a bit abstract as well. But you should see the resemblance :)
Jahrel long ago
Hi, everybody! Vlad, U R the 1! Really!
Morgan Vittatoe age 11 long ago
I love the giraffe in the Tie, so funny
canan long ago
kenzo long ago
I love it!
rebecca long ago
i like his tie!!
Lucas long ago
I love your aliens or what is it...:-).
Nick long ago
how could the giraffe fit into a suit?
Naz long ago
too awesome!!
Danielle long ago
Wow - I am overwhelmed with the amount of talent on here
Belén long ago
great work as usual
js long ago
Sweet wallpaper, just perfect! thanks for a nice web page.
maria =) long ago
amazing ! i love it =D i really adore the tie it could be a scarf for many people ! all at once ! =P and the shirt this is beautiful
Barbara alias Little Giraffe long ago
Hahahaha!! This is amazing!! Almost like me!! My friends call me "Little Giraffe" and... I work in the office (I'm accountant). I don't wear tie because I'm a woman but it looks just like me!! Hahahaha!! Unbelievable!! Could you make some kind of female version of this pic, please? :) Thank you for sharing your work!! Love ya!
poone long ago
VLAD, have agreat & creative mind....... it's cherming, thx
janca long ago
hehe nice idea ;)
Sergio Sotomayor long ago
Wow it's awesome it remembers to my dad, because he is so tall and he works all day long :D well it's awesome!!! :D
Cynthia long ago
Oh please! Vlad, this is just gorgeous! What a beautiful w/paper! I just love it! Awesome! Thanks heaps
Sandra long ago
Really nice!
Jura long ago
Vlad, why have u stopped creating more bstract wallpapers?
ReZe long ago
Cool "blue" wallpaper, Many Thanks to you Vlado ;)
Kiwi long ago
Awesome, once again! Little confused about the split on the dual acreen though?!?!?
Sahar long ago
nice at least one in pic is not alien :) ps: i love these icons very much
Ludmila long ago
Vlad, is it you?
Darmini long ago
Hahahaha so funny!! I love it!
Georgia long ago
This is so cute and so much fun! I look forward to seeing every one of your wonderful creations. They are terrific!
avi3dd long ago
no words - just the best
Mohammed Korashy long ago
Very Nice, adistinguished Employee! Specially The Tie.He Must Get The Promotion!
derya long ago
really fantastic!
jmlee 21 July 2009
Oh~ unique style wallpaper
bella 12 October 2012
you are a gineues i can't say more you can see a pretey things not any one can see