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Vlad Gerasimov 4 March 2011
Everybody wants to draw a jellyfish sometimes! Or  is it just me? :-)
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Carl Willetts 4 March 2011
Beautiful Vlad! It looks like it's been taken from a Studio Ghibli movie, it's that good. Time for a jellyfish on my desktop.
LucasDT 4 March 2011
Nah, I never feel like drawing a jellyfish... but glad you did :)
Orkydee 4 March 2011
Love it! Love the intensity of the colors!!!! Great, as always!!!!
Evan Morse 4 March 2011
Haha, yeah I think it might just be you... But it's really quite nice looking, so I'm not complaining.
Jorge 4 March 2011
This is awesome! I have never thought about drawing a jellyfish, then again, I cannot even draw a circle. This is not as scary as the ones I have seen on the beach :)
Hardeep Singh 4 March 2011
omg yes...i've always got this thing about jellyfish; they look so cool :O and then I've also been obsessing about jellyfish recently ever since I saw this picture: It's just unfortunately far too small for me to use as a wallpaper *sigh* :(
mohammad 5 March 2011
I've never wanted drawing a jellyfish, but I'm going to think about hereafter.
Ben 5 March 2011
Thanks for finally fixing your website. My computer monitor is happy to have you art on it's face again.
Bob Stein 6 March 2011
Great work, as I am sure your busy, have thought about doing another set of series about the two or alice? Keep up the good work.
Heidi 6 March 2011
I love the colour scheme though I'm a bit frightened of jellyfish. It goes to my desktop anyway. Thank you! :)
BS-Harou 6 March 2011
Awesome wallpaper (as always :) Can you make some wallpaper with giraffes again? :)
Originative 7 March 2011
it looks great on my desktop...
Mino0 8 March 2011
Даша 11 March 2011
Влад, восхищаюсь Вашими работами :) Впечатляет и вдохновляет! Очень красивые цвета. Хочется читать от Вас побольше уроков :) Спасибо!
Vlad Gerasimov 11 March 2011
Даша: спасибо! А мне хочется больше их писать :) Но время! Где его взять... Ыыы...
Lisa 16 March 2011
I <3 Jellies. This is fantastic.
KingJell 21 March 2011
Pedro 6 April 2011
Excelente wall... Este si que es arte digno de mi monitor
Pink Android 9 April 2011
So beautiful!
__ 9 April 2011
jasně....ale ta moje nikdy nebude tak krásná
mimi7 12 September 2011
wow >>love the colors>>>and yaa I love to draw it ,,thanks
suchitra chatterjee 11 November 2011
jelly belly
suchitra chatterjee 11 November 2011
jelly belly
Hello 21 December 2011
K s 30 September 2012
Sheila 30 August 2014
Completing your puzzles is such a relaxing moment in my busy day. The images are glorious, your talent abundant. Thank you for this lovely gift.
sweet eiman 13 September 2014
nice jellyfish sweet