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Vlad Gerasimov 26 April 2009
I stumbled upon nice macro photo of  a leaf here: texurestockbyhjs.deviantart.com and wanted to re-create it  in Photoshop. The result is this wallpaper - nothing incredible but still I wanted to share it with you :-)
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Robert Marton 26 April 2009
Unbelievable!!! The level of detail is amazing! Vlad, man... you did it again ;) :D
Janko Falli 26 April 2009
pro! :)
A1Elements 26 April 2009
Mmmm, A new category,...
Casper Voortman 27 April 2009
How did you know i wanted a green wallpaper. Been looking for weeks for something like this. Thanks it looks great :D
efand 27 April 2009
This one looking great!
Tusnelda 27 April 2009
Teegan 27 April 2009
Nothing fancy.....BWAHAHHAHAHAAAA....Dude, you rock!
Barbara Kurzawska 28 April 2009
Wow! Look at all those details! Amazing! Just.. just amazing :) I love it. Thank you!
OM 29 March 2010
Gorgeous work !
maged 21 September 2011
I'm from syria and I like this website
Aziz 30 January 2013
simple is great,,I lIKe It! ;)
Ezgi 1 December 2018
Love it! Health to the hands. :)
Justyna 23 June 2021
I'm using this wallpaper for more than 10 years now :)