Letter Eater


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Vlad Gerasimov 20 November 2007
Today I discovered a tiny animal that eats letters from my books! So  I took a picture immediately :-) Please also see next wallpaper - Music Eater
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soner çiloğulları long ago
Pablo long ago
So sweet, so warm. You did it again :)
Cathy Mercury long ago
I LOVE YOU!!! !!! !!!
pradeep long ago
This picture to send me everyday , pls I want this pic is very beautiful.
Anish long ago
I told u that someone is eating my notes. And see it has almost finished it up.....
Noel long ago
your creativity never fails to amaze
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Thanks! :-)
feng shaun long ago
gorgeous...you always have good things to make art with...sorry for my bad english!! You're one of the most talented artists I know!
Nick long ago
I agree completly with Noel. Your talent in photoshop is an art that we cannot see often, even by professionals. Good job as ever Vlad!
Christina long ago
Brilliant! The perfect wallpaper for a ravenous bookworm!
Shaunna long ago
soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! I got it as a background on my school computer..lol thanks so much!!!
LucasDT long ago
Really nice ones... both.
librarian long ago
some of your work remindes me of Tony Diterlizzi. Whel the spiderwick chronicals... Is that a compliment to you?
lucia long ago
so cute !! like all your pictures ^^
lalabridget : ) long ago
Vlad! Kudos! How cute is a studious ant-eater!!!! You've done it again, and this compliments a fall color scheme nicely as well, while unintended I'm sure. Thank you!!!
ufk long ago
it is great... i think just an empty book would also be great.. could you make an empty one? :) (without animal and writings :P)
Katerina long ago
this is great. thanks for sharing your talent!
Luzma long ago
:) long ago
MARKRON long ago
thanks very much!!!
Ampit long ago
Wonderful again. Thanks
Ben long ago
mufasa 4 January 2008
i like.
From Gino's 11 January 2008
We enjoy your page, while eating pasta in Madrid....
God 6 March 2008
good 6 March 2008
NW 7 June 2008
Ashlee 28 February 2009
Cute! XD but where's the Q? lol =)
20 December 2010