Light bulb

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Vlad Gerasimov 14 November 2008
I felt really depressed today, so  I made this simple, simple wallpaper, with another 2-eye creature :-)
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Piotr Kabala 14 November 2008
Simple and beautiful. As always. And next time when feeling depressed, just think of the people you make happy with your art :)
Jon 14 November 2008
depression is a recurring theme in your art, i hope you're getting help if needed. you're such a talented person and your work means a lot to so many people all over the world. as always, this is a lovely piece.
Mariana 14 November 2008
You should not feel depressed. You are just an amazing artist, making people happy with your work. Have you ever imagined that there are people around the world (e.g. in a small city in Brazil) that feel happier puting your wallpapers in their desktops? :D Amazing job, as always. And, yes, depressing wallpapers are just stuning.
Jessica Schneider 14 November 2008
Gorgeous! :) And I'm sorry you were feeling/are feeling depressed. I hope whatever it was/is thats making you feel that way leaves you soon **HUGE HUGS** Keep up the amazing work, Vlad :D
Ashwin Narasimhan 14 November 2008
This is a great piece, as always. I hope what ever is bothering you is solved soon. :) Just think of all the people you make happy with your work. Ever since I saw your site, there has not been a day when I haven't used one of your wallpapers.
shay 14 November 2008
Agreeing with everyone else. Your wallpapers always cheer me up ;)
Thiago 14 November 2008
Like Mariana, I'm from a small city in Brazil. You and your art are really incredible. Just try to remember that people around the world enjoy your work and yourself. I wish you to be happy. Hugs
lisa 14 November 2008
Your designs are fabulous.
Sylvain Madec 14 November 2008
Like this one a lot! Your work is amazing, i hope you realize that!
Eric Domond 15 November 2008
Your art is fantastic, Vlad. Remember, you're not alone. There are probably as many people whose day you make every time you create a new piece of art as there are stars in this piece. Keep ya head up!
BUNNl 15 November 2008
Hope u feel a little better tomorrow! Your art is beautiful, and this is no different. Youve got amazing talent, especially with the way you express emotion with the images you create!
VladFan 15 November 2008
I like it! I see lots of dark wallpapers recently. :-( I think you should cheer up and create more like "Tarsier", "Flying Elephant", or "Learning to Fly". Either way, I still like your wallpapers! :-)
Happy Man 15 November 2008
I really like ur wallpapers, Vlad! :-D I have two computers at home, and an account at school. Both have your stunning wallpapers on them. At school almost every day, I have people complementing my wallpapers! :-) Good Work, Vlad! Keep it up!
Claudia Lopez 15 November 2008
And from Mexico, really, your wallpapers brighten both my home and work computers, it's ok to be blue every now and then, but know that your work is lighting computer's screens all over the world. Cheer up mate! Beautiful work, as always!
Tharapong Sangasilpa 15 November 2008
Great work! Your creativity and imagination are really limitless!
Vlad Gerasimov 15 November 2008
Hey! I woke up this morning, and was amazed to find so many supporting comments! So I am not feeling depressed any more :-) Thanks a million!
Kelcey 15 November 2008
I hope you're feeling better soon, thankyou for this wallpaper, it definitely put a smile on my dial:)
George Mariot 15 November 2008
Vlad, Your work teach high artistic standards ! Thank you
Scott Hurst 15 November 2008
Fantastic! This is now my favorite wallpaper done by you (sorry Square Elephant!). Feel better soon, Vlad!
Philippe 15 November 2008
Depuis le début vos oeuvres sont des plaisirs pour les yeux. Et pour le coeur. Continuez!! Merci
Lu 15 November 2008
melancolic but so cute
Gary Blackman (thrumyeyez) 15 November 2008
The mood is sad but the work is awesome! Feel better soon!
Anastasia 15 November 2008
This wallpaper suits my mood now. Thxs a lot.
Joe 15 November 2008
Hi Vlad, You are so famous in our office whenever i keep your pics as wallpaper my colleagues just stand and admire them.And i love your creativity,God blees you keep up the good work....
Demetra 15 November 2008
Great work, love the way you are turning the magic on to everything!!!!!
Eugenia Noriega Plancarte 15 November 2008
If it's any consolation, you made me (and apparently a lot of people) smile today. I hope you feel better.
Maja 15 November 2008
Cute :) I hope you are better now!
Sync' 15 November 2008
I wish you would be better, even if feeling depressed results in beautiful things in your case, just as this is. I like it, it tells a lot with simplicity.... Um, yes, as mostly all your works.
Anne O\'Brien 15 November 2008
Very sweet, Vlad. I hope you're feeling better today!
Sveta Kalinina 15 November 2008
Масяня :))) Знаешь, а мне не кажется это депрессивным. Мне очень понравилась лампочка, я в нее просто влюблена!
qubra 15 November 2008
lonely picture...but its very sweet...
Venditti Patrick 15 November 2008
Lumineux !
Sharon 15 November 2008
Hey, you make everyone smile with your work :-) Just need to take a look a it and you can appreciate how a great person you are. Best wishes from Costa Rica, Central America.. you can come over here a take a vacation.. it's summer in here!
Kati 15 November 2008
Vlad, this work is amazing! ..but I think this bulb is too sad alone... Why don't you create two bulbs as a pair? :)
mark 16 November 2008
Great job, as usual. Hope you're feeling better!
Suzana 16 November 2008
Another way you can look at this, is that he is wishing on a star...hope you cheer up Vlad, know all your fans love you and your great graphics!!! (((hugs)))
Georgia Compton 16 November 2008
I have been depressed too...this makes me happy...I can better see all my icons on my desktop. Thank you Vlad!!
high school musical 16 November 2008
woooooooooooooooooooow it sooooo cool thinks :p
Martin Stružský 16 November 2008
This is definitely one of the most sweetest wallpapers ever published at Vladstudio. Thanks!
Evan Ren 16 November 2008
I like this style!! Good Job
AMPIT 16 November 2008
ME 16 November 2008
yea, this is like all the others, very cute and creative. go do something fun for yourself!
Sahar 16 November 2008
I love your art and U make me happy every time Love U And Love Ur job
Andres 16 November 2008
i like it very much
tom 16 November 2008
This is a masterpiece Vlad! Thank you very much! You made my day! Hope you're feeling better!
Feng Wang 17 November 2008
I particularly prefer this kind of wallpapers!
Marisolita 17 November 2008
i came home after a tough day as well, to see a new wallpaper created by my favorite artist. smile, you're phenomenal.
Jeffrey Gibbons 17 November 2008
Yup, love it too... and man, read your customers comments, I've never seen such a devoted bunch!
Michele 17 November 2008
Your designs always make me smile.
Donna 17 November 2008
Sorry to hear that you're feeling depressed. Hope it doesn't last long! Love the little light bulb guy! Thank you for him (and all the other wallpapers!)
Ваше Величество 17 November 2008
Ничего. Только глазки лампочки как-то смотрятся не очень...
RADAR 17 November 2008
Hope your "blues" pass with the days... Thanx for your art. Your impact on so much lives is important. We are here if you need us...
André Oliveira 17 November 2008
There's a lot of emotion in your work... Thank you for your art! []'s from Brazil!
Greg Wishart 17 November 2008
Nice! I didn't notice his eyes until I read your description.
Ruthie 17 November 2008
My question for you is...what are you looking for? That little light bulb is YOU. Little bulbs have a big job. To light up a room is hard WORK. Always coming up with amazing art because the world and YOURSELF expect you to is HARD WORK. Being depressed is sometimes confused with the silent we so need in our lives. That little bulb does not seem depressed, she is sitting in silence waiting to find within herself the joy that it is to be... Silence is the canvas our lives are painted on. Enjoy your silence Vlad, so that we can continue to enjoy YOU.
Sophia 18 November 2008
It is strange how one person's depression can make other people feel good... We are with you and appreciate you to the bad and good days that you may have. Thank you for beeing with us and sharing your feelings and work!
"D" Pressed, so was "A", "B", "C", ... 19 November 2008
Amazing Vlad, you're art express what words fail to!!! It is just amazing. I hope you're in a great mood, but in the same time, hope that you keep doing those wonderful "blue" themed wallpapers.
Dorene 19 November 2008
your art makes me feel better each time i look at the desktop...i am so glad to have found your website...whenever you feel sad or lonely, just remember there are thousands of us appreciating your work and wishing you well...from every corner of the world...
Artgecko 19 November 2008
Vlad, I was a little down today because a friend passed away yesterday. So I came to your site to change my desktop to cheer me up. Your images always give me a lift! Thank you, keep it comming.
katrinne 19 November 2008
great!!!.. thanks vlad :D
Andrea Traversa 19 November 2008
Great Job. Thanks.
steffer 21 November 2008
I LOVE this wallpaper!! Feel better soon. :-)
earth wind and fire 25 November 2008
It's so lovely :)
nang 25 November 2008
it's so lovely but why i feel so sad.. It seems to me that he misses his planet :)
ann 30 November 2008
so lonely. my heart goes out for the bulb-man. Great work, once again. =D
Alex Givens 1 December 2008
absolutely love it
Pep 3 December 2008
So wise and beautiful...light bulb and human and God :)))
Pascal Zumaque 4 December 2008
Very nice. One can feel a mood coming from this picture. Nice concept, nice colors.
michel 10 December 2008
never ever feel depressed & enjoy each n every momont of life
dims 12 December 2008
at least 4 computers in Sevastopol, Ukraine are long since proud to wear Vlad's wallpapers :) thank you Vlad, you are a man of a big soul
reggiegold 20 December 2008
have those days were it feels like a very bad darkness smothers me; thanx to Father God, support of a few close family members and friends, understanding of 2 doctors and medication am hanging on; am glad have pen/paper to express myself as tools to help me gain some strength to push back at the dark trying to swallow me; your art brings so much to my world and i thank you for that! when you do a picture like this i sense someone else has one of "those" days and i do not feel so alone; when you do your ever so delightful whimsical pictures there is no words as to how much they lift my spirits! am always putting up one of your pictures on my computer; now have introduced your wonderful drawings to ten year old granddaughter and she is now decorating her computer screen with your whimsy! she loves the horse and snail race pictures you did! please know someone in a small southern town in the United States appreciates your efforts! keep dreaming! keep drawing! keep pressing on! we need each other!
Paul Boucher 6 January 2009
Vlad, From a fellow northerner in Calgary Canada, I hope the results of your incredible creativity lift your spirits. The results being not only the artwork, but the outpouring of affection. I wish you could see the delight on my own, but especially my children's faces when they see your artwork on my computer desktop. My son, a train fanatic asked to see your Christmas Train piece every day through the holidays on my iPhone and of the course "the real" picture on my desktop. Take care of yourself - take good long walks in that "fresh" Siberian air, and know our thoughts are with you when we look upon your work.
apostol 15 January 2009
I love it ! thx!
sooraj 26 January 2009
your talent is so good, i realy appreciate it but now a days it seems boring because you are using same textures for all. lets try something different because pictures should convay various moods.
Francesco 16 October 2009
Simply my favourite one!!!! ;) Use more purple on yours wall Vlad plz!
Ella-Bella 1 January 2010
it looks lonely.i wish i can help it
paige 18 January 2010
this wallpaper is
LINDZ 1 February 2010
Ginna 25 July 2010
I've been follow your work and love everyone of what you kindly share with us this one in particular even though you made it while you were feeling down represent for me what Dominicans live every many blackouts for a lifetime he he he....anyway either you're happy or down you are a great artist, keep the good work.
Floydian 5 February 2012
Adriana Hernandez 21 May 2013
This is simply wonderful Vlad, so inspiring and beautiful, thank you very much, wish you much happiness and health!!
hey 5 June 2014
this is sooo cool I used it as a picture for my homework thankyou
acfenati 30 January 2020
One of my favorites ever!!
acfenati 30 January 2020
Sorry, I only read your comment later. Although all the comments are about 10 years ago, I wanted to say that wallpaper is always coming back in my phone, notebook... Dark, but so sweet!! We all feel bad sometimes, we can't avoid it, but I hope that it's not a question nowadays. You are so talented and inspire many people around the world!
paria 26 May 2020
gogoliiii its nice