The Loneliest house in the world (Night)

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Vlad Gerasimov 31 March 2023
A dark variation of the previous wallpaper. Hope you like it! March 26 was a Solitude day. To celebrate it, here is the picture about the Loneliest house in the world. It is a real house, I found it in Youtube (here's the video).
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twood 31 March 2023
Fantastic!!! thanks!!!
Roberta Hudgins 1 April 2023
gives me the impression sun just set in the back
Naina 3 April 2023
Love it!
Nasir Mahmud 11 April 2023
Absolutely Gorgeous ......
Ellen Lawless 13 April 2023
As always, magic. Wonders to behold. Imagination awakens. Thank you.
Pam 13 April 2023
Love the Daytime & Night, Thank you!