The Loneliest house in the world (Night)

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Vlad Gerasimov 31 March
A dark variation of the previous wallpaper. Hope you like it! March 26 was a Solitude day. To celebrate it, here is the picture about the Loneliest house in the world. It is a real house, I found it in Youtube (here's the video).
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twood 31 March
Fantastic!!! thanks!!!
Roberta Hudgins 1 April
gives me the impression sun just set in the back
Naina 3 April
Love it!
Nasir Mahmud 11 April
Absolutely Gorgeous ......
Ellen Lawless 13 April
As always, magic. Wonders to behold. Imagination awakens. Thank you.
Pam 13 April
Love the Daytime & Night, Thank you!