The Moon And The Tree

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Vlad Gerasimov 30 November 2021
What does one do when there is  no energy for new ideas? Right, dig the very old ones out and re-make them! This one is almost exact replica of  a picture I made maybe 15 years ago.
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Jeff Toomb 30 November 2021
Geoff 1 December 2021
Beautiful. I know your collection and I do not remember this
Kelcey 1 December 2021
I don't remember this either so thank you for letting us re-discover it.
Pam 1 December 2021
♥ Thank you
Roberta Hudgins 2 December 2021
it is so peaceful, thank you.
marie guimont 2 December 2021
Love it!
Billy Joel 5 December 2021
I'm delighted to be a member, and appreciate the work. My phones and computers switch to random new Vlad wallpapers every day!
Vlad Gerasimov 5 December 2021
Thank you so much :-)
caxa 8 December 2021
super mice with nice pix
Maikel Jongsma 10 December 2021
Dear Vlad, You wallpapers are always so full of feelings, loving it still! When there is no energy for new ideas, maybe look at some other Van Gogh paintings for inspiration. I remember the awesome Starnight version you did, maybe Sunflowers? Or how about your version of the Nightswatch by Rembrandt? Or the Babel tower by Bruegel? Would love to see those!
Çağrı 11 December 2021
Hey, Vlad. You should add a feature something like most unlockeds.
Heather Ligon 18 December 2021
And still beautiful! Or beautiful again! :)
Pam 7 January 2022
♥ Love it !
Nancy Tallentlarsen 31 October 2022
Vlad, I love them all!
Jaideep Nadkarni 1 April 2023
Serene and beautiful as ever!