Mother Day


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  2 May 2009
Mother Day is coming! Dedicated to  my mama, the best mama in the world! Mama I love you and you know it :-)

Carl Willetts  ·  2 May 2009
We've already had Mother's Day here in the UK but it's my Mom's birthday tomorrow and this will make a wonderful e-card. Many thanks. Any chance of having the background textures as separate wallpapers Vlad?

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  2 May 2009
Carl: the textures themselves are not mine, I used some of textures I had in my pictures archive on hard drive. One source I know is: and another is:

ionuca  ·  2 May 2009
Awww, this is soooo sweet! :)

Arthur Pustynin  ·  2 May 2009

Grace  ·  3 May 2009
Such an amazing, sweet, wonderful, and adorable piece of work! Great job.

Ana  ·  3 May 2009
One of your best! Mother's day is today in Portugal!

Jo  ·  3 May 2009
Link to squidfingers is great but I can't find any textures at the Bunny link - just rather too cute pictures........ But its a great wallpaper - TY

Julie  ·  4 May 2009
In my country mother's day is on 26th of May, so I still have some time to think about present and your wallpaper is great inspiration!

Cecily  ·  4 May 2009
Finally i can see an Aussie Roo! Love it even when they do not have a curly tail! Very cute! Now you've been fair! Too many Kiwis beauties and now a Roo for Mother's Day. Cheers Mate from Down Under!

Leti  ·  4 May 2009
so cute!!!! :)

Jynrya  ·  6 May 2009
This is sweet... Wish I had a mother though. =[

NZer  ·  6 May 2009
Hey Cecily! You say there's too many 'Kiwi beauties' but that's cos NZ rocks! Vlad the wallpaper is awesome. I'm trying to make my own but it's kinda hard because I've only got Photoshop Elements.

jk  ·  6 May 2009
muchas por tan bello wallpaper, me hace recordar mucho a mi mami, cuento los segundos para ir a visitarla y estar con ella el domingo que es el dia de la madre aqui en Perú.

leitner peter  ·  6 May 2009
i love that unconventionel style here :-)

Ju$t !dea  ·  7 May 2009
Really .. I love it ..

VladFan  ·  10 May 2009
I'm sure that mothers all over the world will love this wallpaper! Great Work as always! :D :) VladFan

Andy  ·  10 May 2009
Thank you

Pete  ·  10 May 2009
Hey MY mum's the best mum in the world! :) great wallpaper vlad

suzana  ·  15 May 2009
hey ceci..whatever ..i think u r tooooo small to understand the beuty ...u annoying creature.... u noe u r a victim of eyesight loss

qubra_turkey  ·  17 May 2009
good mind good idea.... (:

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