Motion 2

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 February 2008
I found photoshop source of  my older wallpaper, Motion, and thought it would be good idea to publish it  in many colors, as well as wallpaper clock format. Please browse gallery for this wallpaper in different colors!
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VICKY 6 February 2008
truly amazing, and that goes for all the colours of motion. keep up the wonderful work :o)
Igor 13 February 2008
I like the vinous colour. Really nice one ;)
Xarif 4 April 2008
Hi, well, you are unmatched person ever i never seen a telented person like you, and i like your all work, but i'm always getting confused about the CS issue, all your wallpapers and other stuffs are very high quality and have sharpening there, i'm also using CS2 but i never come up like your results, i mean your images have very sharpen i don't know what's the secret but i hope you will help me in this case, could ya pls give me some hints...and also one more thing you saved all images in JPG format but when i tried to save it in JPG the quality is not like yours, but its little bit fine if I try to save it in PNG........ thx once again for your faboulous sharing......
Gray 23 November 2010
Old wallpaper so sorry for the bump, but this is one of my favorites of yours! I always end up using it again. Thanks!
amit kewat 2 September 2012
nice pic