The Night Drive

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 September 2021
Recently, I was driving at night from Saint Petersburg to Moscow, and the navigator directed me through the forests of Valdaysky National Park. In this picture, I wanted to capture the slightly unreal atmosphere of driving through the old forest.
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Tatyana pogrebnyak 6 September 2021
Очень атмосферно, спасибо!
Bryan 6 September 2021
Rarely does an image evoke nostalgia and emotion on a level this does for me.
Dan Alexandru 6 September 2021
Nice, congrats!
John Codien 6 September 2021
Nice, nice, nice!
Alterio Felines 6 September 2021
A beautiful picture / Un dibujo precioso.
Bernadette 6 September 2021
Beautiful! Reminds me of our mis-timed camping trips where we had to set up our tent in the dark lol!
Thisara 6 September 2021
Valeena 6 September 2021
I absolutely love this. When I was a little girl into my mid teens, my family and I used to go for long weekends about five hours or away from our home. We used to leave right after my Father would get home from work on Thursday or Friday. This picture reminds me of when we drove to Montreal from New Jersey. Part of our trip was through rural and forest areas until we would reach the highway in New York State (we lived on the border of NY and NJ) that would take us all of the way to the Canadian border. Thank you so much for this wonderful memory.
Sieghild 6 September 2021
Wunderbar, gefällt mir
ixe13 6 September 2021
Wow! bring back so many memories. I miss traveling...
Heme 6 September 2021
Love it
Pepe Alcaide 6 September 2021
Me encanta !!!
Ivan 6 September 2021
This is amazing. Thank you :)
Ivan 6 September 2021
P.S. I like the moon.
Kyle 6 September 2021
I was so happy to receive an email about this new art. Wonderful!
Livan 6 September 2021
Thank you for adding a surprise to my boring life. It's perfect!
Ada Augusta 6 September 2021
Wonderful, thank you, spasiba! I shared it. You are perfect artist.
Michele 6 September 2021
I love the lights inside the van. It reminds me of long family road trips, my mom and dad taking turns driving through the night, and my little sister and I reading books by flashlight. Happy memories. Thank you, Vlad.
Mahendra 6 September 2021
Nicole Larose 6 September 2021
Superbe! comme toujours... Merci!
J.D. Haltigan 6 September 2021
Masterful creation!
J.D. Haltigan 6 September 2021
Masterful creation!
Natalia 6 September 2021
Beautiful. This evokes a sense of togetherness. New roads, new adventures.
Nima Azh 7 September 2021
Very beautiful! 7 September 2021
che bello!!!!
Griet 7 September 2021
This is just lovely. ♥
igoris 7 September 2021
Marko 7 September 2021
As always, great work, Vlad! Looking forward to your future creations ;-)
Kelcey 7 September 2021
Moody and beautiful and wonderful as always :)
Török László 7 September 2021
Jianing 7 September 2021
Warm drawings. The same, remind me of some wonderful memory.
Pien Kramer 7 September 2021
I love it!
ValorHeart 7 September 2021
Beautiful, Stay safe, from Israel.
Roberta Hudgins 8 September 2021
in the mood for a trip!
Luca 21 September 2021
Kichan 11 October 2021
i like it, give me strange feeling
Нина 14 October 2021
Прекрасная работа! Ждём Ваши обои по мотивам "Маленького принца" ;-)
Khuong Tran 23 October 2021
This is amazing !. Looking forward more of this style
SoooNoooG 26 October 2021
Victor Hugo Martinez 2 January 2022
Could you make it, with a red pickup please?.
bigmao 8 June 2022
Nice, you made no more wall clocks? 28 November 2023
i love it
Cecilia Labbe 28 December 2023
I thought it was a night in a Combi at Down Under.