Northern Lights

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Vlad Gerasimov 3 April 2009
I have never seen northern lights before, but I hope to see them some time in the future. This is how I imagine them :-) Everything created in Adobe Photoshop, I did not use any photos. You can learn how I designed this wallpaper from my Photoshop tutorial. Thanks!
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Marko 3 April 2009
Beautiful wallpaper, Vlad!
Andy 3 April 2009
Jynrya 3 April 2009
Very gorgeous and colorful! I haven't seen the Aurora Borealis yet... But, I want to very soon.
wutter 3 April 2009
cool I thought that the bottom is a photo
Lucy 3 April 2009
Love it, love it, love it! Thanks so much!
Adam Moore 3 April 2009
Very good, Vlad :)
Graeme Wood 3 April 2009
I am fortunate to have seen the orthen lights many times. The movement and color of the lights is amazing. At times the colors shift across the sky at an incredible speed. Your wallpaper does a good job interpreting what only nature can create.
peter 3 April 2009
amazing artwork
Alba 3 April 2009
Amazing, congrats!
peruanito 4 April 2009
esta bueno el trabajo.
Pasquale Kwan 4 April 2009
This is awesome. Thanks.
Justin Murray 5 April 2009
nice vlad...but if i may make a suggestion? maybe you could re-do this with the bottoms of the northern lights faded into the sky? it looks very sloppy with the bottoms just kinda there, ya know? kinda like they were just placed there. i think this wallpaper would look awesome on my desktop, but the the way it looks with the bottoms just solid colored and not blended into the sky make it look cheap. again, its just a suggestion
Vlad Gerasimov 5 April 2009
Justin - I received this suggestion from more people, and I did it - because it is definately good idea and the image starts to look better and more realistic. But I stared at it for about 30 minutes and decided I do not want to publish blurred version, because it somehow killed the magic. So, I beg your pardon but I will keep "sharp" version!
Tanya 6 April 2009
Vlad, I think I love you. I'm going crazy with insomnia and was just wishing I had something beautiful and peaceful to focus on. It needed to be something dark, but beautiful. So I click on your site, knowing I can always find something beautiful, and here it is! Exactly what I was looking for! You even kept the prism in line (VIBGYOR) which is perfect because it would have driven me crazy otherwise. Maybe now I can get some sleep. Thank you for being awsome!
John Pasley 6 April 2009
i love this wall but at the top of the green in the middle, it's cut off. the other colors aren't cut off like the green is. i mean it doesn't gradually fade into black but it cuts off at a straight line. well, maybe it's just the 1920 x 1200 res that does it.
Tusnelda 7 April 2009
This is real beautiful! I see a lot of the aurora borealis up here in Canada. Thanks, Vlad!
Tusnelda 7 April 2009
...... and Vlad, I love the wallpaper just with the 'bottoms'!
aurora 7 April 2009
this is aurora its my nickname always..
Bea 8 April 2009
It's lovely :D
easyhumor 9 April 2009
Divine, one of your better works, I had a gallery once and if I did a new hanging and five different people came in, one would love it, two wouldn't notice, one might think it was ok, and one would hate it. What is important is that it is art, a world where all people's opinions are correct. Thank you for standing up for your work and your vision, its a very important, maybe the most important thing for an artist to do.
Richard Reader 14 April 2009
Beautiful, and it looks stunning in 1900x1200. Great work (as always).
Maria 20 April 2009
You are the best!
Hernan 24 April 2009
Best wallpapers I've seen so far, keep up the good work buddy.
dieseldoll 20 May 2009
I am gobsmacked by your artwork! I just wish I could have the animated version for my wallpaper....
Carole 29 May 2009
Keleigh 12 June 2009
This is beautiful!! Your work is brillant!
Miz 7 September 2009
ypur work is just beautiful , i wish i had ideas like yours and too better myself in what i do :) this wallpaper is adorable and i see that the lights move also , its outstanding .
Princess r 8 September 2009
this is super cool i used it for my project it was divine and cool at the same time
L. Augustine 4 October 2009
I love this one!!!!
panos 3 November 2009
this is not art ..... this is MONEY!!!!!
Peg 30 November 2009
gourav 5 December 2009
fantastic work
Tobin 13 December 2009
Well I'm with Tanya and moving in too so I guess we'll be "The Girls Next Door". Do we need to call you Hef? Off to register so I can get my 2 wallpapers :P (That's a pet pal kiss since I've moved in....hehe ;)
Lori 19 January 2010
i lived in alaska for 35 years,one of the village elders would stand on a hill,raise her hands.the northern lights would come down and touch her finger tips.this wall paper reminds me of that.BEAUTIFUL
2 May 2010
shabnam 10 May 2010
theo 2 June 2010
Kean Soh 4 September 2010
Wow,this is great!!!
Connor Meyers 9 February 2012
Definitely his best wallpaper.
Anthony 26 September 2012
Amazing - Wonderful! Reminds me of home.....
LI Bo 11 January 2013
Layth 6 September 2019
Probably my favourite of yours. Has been my wallpaper for years.