Olkhon Gates


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Vlad Gerasimov 4 August 2004
Photo taken during my recent vacation on lake Baikal. Actually, these are 4 photos combined into one wide view with the help of Photoshop.
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Arteale long ago
Awesome job! No seams from the connection you did Perhaps you should do another without the grey border? It might look better but hey that's just me. (Y)(Y)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
***wallpaper updated*** - removed boring grey:)
Chris long ago
I rather liked the gray border... any chance on displaying both??
Katja Kaiserin long ago
Beautifulllll, like my home...
Don Don - USA long ago
Excellent A+ work my friend. You have a great talent. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
lynn 1896 long ago
this is a great creation of all teaching of your defined work. I shall not criticize anything you do. Only be a mere great fan. to be here for you we fill our hearts .this picture almost reminds me of going back to Tuscany Itsly or going to Fuji islands. Great picture to adore and astonish others with memories of good days to come.. Bravo to we meet again :-)
AZIDEZ long ago
JLM- USA long ago
I think tha tis an awesome view. i think you have fun doing this
mushroom long ago
wow. it reminds me of lord of the rings
Sally long ago
These images are wonderful! I lived in Irkutsk in the summer of 2000 and visited many of the places you have photos of. Wow! Olkhon was so beautiful, Maloye Mor'e...I want to return! Since I have not been to Arshan, I MUST return. Thanks for sharing your photos!
Dunkley long ago
hi the pictures are very interesting and nice to have ,continue to peovide tye best pictures ever .
mushroom long ago
ooh what a yummy picture... mmm mm good... very nice! (reminds me of lord of the rings too.. the movie that is =P)
unknown long ago
Красота :) Хочется в отпуск ...
mohamed 13 October 2008
I think tha tis an awesome view. i think you have fun doing this
iEx 18 May 2014
Looks like...arma3...