Out From The Deep

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Vlad Gerasimov 18 September 2006
dedicated to  my lovely wife! :-)

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ducky long ago
(Y) I love your work. Definitely worth the lifetime payment I just made. Keep up the good work. Best wishes. -Ducky (Y)
george long ago
this is so amazing
zZO long ago
Blade long ago
kick a**
David long ago
would it be possible to edit some real figures into the back of the picture, (behind the glass) with the same blured effect? very cool though
mehryar long ago
strooisel long ago
Hello, great job.. every time when I'm here, I'm wonder how amazing personality you have if you do something like this - especialy wallpapers with "the two" congratulations! :-D greetings
Faruk long ago
thank you . its art . ;-)
ece. long ago
awesome (L)
Tolenca long ago
Simplemente encantador...
birol long ago
Vlad, i am really wondering how you could find these simple but amazing ideas
Jacek long ago
Your page is highly addicting. Great job Vlad. It's art for sure.
Jacek long ago
Your page is highly addicting. Great job Vlad. It's art for sure.
Tycus long ago
hi this is Tycus from wincustomize.com! this wall is really amazing i love it! (Y)
rametal long ago
that's bad.. psycho thing.. :D
long ago
ÌÌÌ,îòëè÷íî, êàê âñåãäà.îòêóäà òû áåðåøü ýòè îáðàçû?...
Tauheed long ago
Simply Funtastic One!
dado long ago
bem feito, muito bom very good, ; -)
fooz long ago
it gives u the true meaning of lonely (y)
Its_Cin long ago
This is one of my all time favorites...(Y)
Cheyann long ago
i love it :)
Icey6 long ago
Beautiful. Simply and mesmerizing. I agree with Carl.
0tchX long ago
k8mre long ago
It's so... beautiful! It reminds me of looking through a window and seeing someone... Sigh*
Vicky long ago
Great.. Great to see it, great to feel it. Thank you :-)
Kevin long ago
Another great wallpaper. Love it.
Ben long ago
Feels so much like a hug ! (L) Your work is amazing ! (Y)
S A H A R long ago
It's Great to be an Artist. (Y)
wyc long ago
Looks awesome!! (Y)
Olja long ago
Vlad, this waallpaper is so cuteeeeeeee, I like it a lot! Good work! God bless you!!!
HK. long ago
:-) realy cooool ...... sure it will be my wallpaper
bobby long ago
i enjoy your wallpaper Vlad.my health is bad and i dont have lone to live.thank you for your wallpaper site.Bobby
Donna long ago
She appears to be emerging from the aqua goodness of a Mac desktop! Looks real nice.
LucasDT long ago
Inspiring... just that... magical! As usual, something simply beautiful
the bob long ago
Simple but amazing(Y)
Câline long ago
I feel myself just like that...
Câline long ago
There's something about "The lady in the water" in it?
MaGaLy long ago
Very Nice :-)
Diego long ago
loved it as well as all u have done
larry long ago
(y) simple and yet so expressive. lovely as always. can be taken on many different levels.
paru long ago
it's nice anyway (U)
paru long ago
i feel lonely... U
Justin long ago
Vlad- is that the same bubble technique youve used on previous pieces?
Rohini long ago
Jaideep long ago
Is that really my screen that has got moist? lol, great work (Y)
soul long ago
jade long ago
This is great! I just love it. Thanks Vlad..gonna whisk this wallpaper away!..great job Vlad...jade
Carl long ago
Although you've done more complicated work Vlad it's designs like this that really show off your creative genius. (Y)
MaGaLy long ago
Very Nice :-)
Kicky 9 February 2008
Wow, thats awsome! your truely amazing. (glad i found you on interfacelift) ^.^
Rooney1983 22 February 2008
wunderschön muß ich einfach auf mein PC haben
Janne 1 March 2008
Its So Nice !
SUNata 2 June 2008
это волшебство!
kimotheraphy 24 August 2009
Gosh! This is so cool!
lucky 2 September 2011
this is jus a beautiful picture.. so reminds me of wakiin up from a dream.. :)
Floydian 6 February 2012
Out of the blue :)
Moumita 23 April 2012
stuffedninja 28 May 2012
My goodness, this is scary.