Halloween: Trick or Treat? (Pac-Man Edition)


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 October 2007
Halloween is coming!

shbhlade  ·  long ago
beautifully made yet adorable at the same time

Steve Lockhart  ·  long ago
This would be a great wallpaper if it wasn't for the Hallowe'en reference. Observance of Hallowe'en is satanic.

janna  ·  long ago
this is great! I love it!

amy  ·  long ago
love them so much!!!!!!

big mouth guy  ·  long ago

nikyys  ·  long ago
haha...funny ;)

Echilon  ·  long ago
I LOVE this wallpaper!

Terry "Terdog" Matthews  ·  long ago
I love It! Perfect Haloween wallpaper. But i agree with other people. Make one with no next. That would be even better

lili  ·  long ago
wow..cool! good job!

gaia  ·  long ago
This is so cute! Great work, as always!

Câline  ·  long ago
OH!! WOW!! I love it!!! This is a new favorite. Amazing idea Vlad, thank you very much!

Ally  ·  long ago

Del.zhu  ·  long ago

A  ·  long ago
Oo =D

DeSjeT  ·  long ago
2 Helly: a che on russki? Ne znal, eslu tak to zdorovo chto nashi takoe delayt ;)

Rae  ·  long ago
Pac Man Huh? Ok. pac mans cool.

Jie Wang  ·  long ago
I wish you would consider make some patterns and textures....

Khal  ·  long ago
Its great. Keep up but I think you can do better for this =).

Angelia  ·  long ago
well done,I like it a lot,so funny and amazing.come on,I strongly expect the next

Justin  ·  long ago
I want to elaborate on my last post. Its not that I dont like the wallpaper...its just that the Trick Or Treat series just isnt very halloweenish...especially this one. its pac-man - which is very cool, but just cause it has ghosts and then the added text of "Trick Or Treat?" doesnt make it a halloween wallpaper. Same goes with the other ones. I just dont understand the whole ghosts talking to the moon thing. just doesnt send out the halloween vibe. im really hoping something else comes out this year from vlad.

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