Halloween: Trick or Treat? (Pac-Man Edition)


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Vlad Gerasimov 15 October 2007
Halloween is coming!
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Terry "Terdog" Matthews long ago
I love It! Perfect Haloween wallpaper. But i agree with other people. Make one with no next. That would be even better
lili long ago
wow..cool! good job!
gaia long ago
This is so cute! Great work, as always!
Marcos Arriaga long ago
Câline long ago
OH!! WOW!! I love it!!! This is a new favorite. Amazing idea Vlad, thank you very much!
Bryan long ago
Any chance you could make one without the text bubble. I'd love to have a version with just Pac-man and the ghosts :)
alex long ago
freaking awesome!
shbhlade long ago
beautifully made yet adorable at the same time
billtt long ago
it's so cool!!
Justin Murray long ago
not liking this at all vlad. does this mark the end of your halloween wallpapers for this year? im not getting a halloween feel on any of the halloween wallpapers youve made this year. very disappointing.. :(
Justin long ago
I want to elaborate on my last post. Its not that I dont like the wallpaper...its just that the Trick Or Treat series just isnt very halloweenish...especially this one. its pac-man - which is very cool, but just cause it has ghosts and then the added text of "Trick Or Treat?" doesnt make it a halloween wallpaper. Same goes with the other ones. I just dont understand the whole ghosts talking to the moon thing. just doesnt send out the halloween vibe. im really hoping something else comes out this year from vlad.
Jie Wang long ago
I wish you would consider make some patterns and textures....
Ally long ago
Michael Sheedy long ago
OMG, this is awesome!!! I LOVE it!!! Anything to do with classic video games like this is right on the mark...keep up the good work!
Ruby Pipes long ago
Adorable concept.
Adriana Daskalova long ago
you are god ^^
Stephen Pottebaum long ago
I agree that you should make a version without the text, that would be awesome!
feng shaun long ago
hahahahaha...good idea
jenn ; ] long ago
i really like this, its great, perfect for anyone who ever played pac-man lol its TERRIFIC!
Moo long ago
haha very nice
Heather long ago
Vlad! I loved yesterday's red Halloween art but this is even better. Hee.
george long ago
bloody brilliant!
Emily long ago
Love it! My favorite Halloween background yet.
murphy long ago
Very cool Wallpaper. Thanks.
pac man fan long ago
oh how did you do that it is so cool i thortht it was like the game.... but goths
Del.zhu long ago
Helly long ago
Vlad, ty burjui! Sdelaj russkii interfeis! Vse jazyki sobral, krome rodnogo! Delo daje ne v tom, chto kto-to eti jazyki ne znaet, a v tom, chto voobshe Rossiu ni vo chto ne stavyat uzhe. Picture is nice.
Steve Lockhart long ago
This would be a great wallpaper if it wasn't for the Hallowe'en reference. Observance of Hallowe'en is satanic.
A long ago
Oo =D
DeSjeT long ago
2 Helly: a che on russki? Ne znal, eslu tak to zdorovo chto nashi takoe delayt ;)
janna long ago
this is great! I love it!
amy long ago
love them so much!!!!!!
big mouth guy long ago
Khal long ago
Its great. Keep up but I think you can do better for this =).
Angelia long ago
well done,I like it a lot,so funny and amazing.come on,I strongly expect the next
nikyys long ago
haha...funny ;)
Echilon long ago
I LOVE this wallpaper!
Rae long ago
Pac Man Huh? Ok. pac mans cool.
K 30 January 2008
Aga 15 February 2008
songsong 26 February 2008
very nice~Thanks~
BUNBURY 8 March 2008
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! cute... remember more
nice 13 March 2008
Imani 3 May 2008
I lov3 it p3opl3s use it
pleeeaseee 15 June 2008
pleeease make one without text, ok?
please vlad 24 September 2008
please vlad, meka one without the text, im a fan of pacman and it will be great to have that wallpapper (without text)
Kara 25 October 2008
Jee, that's cute.
Ari 30 October 2008
This is simply hilarious!
vacm 4 November 2008
Ricky Fernando 5 November 2008
Hap hap..
Matthew Long 23 November 2008
puto 27 September 2009
putos de mierda
bill 26 October 2009
thank you
bill 26 October 2009
Enk. 31 October 2009
I just love the way Comments show up here, haha.. Btw Happy Halloween all and this ones really really cool and creative wallpaper ! Cheers ! :)
apslo 13 November 2009
wow exelente imagen
Iria (i´m spanish) 27 December 2009
Kael 30 December 2010
hahah treat!
skypongo 6 February 2011
verry good!
ME, YEAH! 13 March 2011
I love this wallpaper it has style just like this smile <<
24 November 2011
is very nice
sii teel athoell 27 November 2011
waaaaw,,,,it was a good picture,,,
Ramesh Kumar Sharma 18 March 2012
One word for Vladstudio : Awsome
PACMAN!! 26 May 2012
This is by far one of the best wallpapers that I have ever seen!!! SO AWESOME!!!!
frough 9 September 2012
thank you vlad i love you so much
coco 15 October 2012
dat is sooooooooooooo cool bro
Barry O'Farrell 21 October 2012
My granddaughter turns two years in about three weeks. She loves the Vlad Hallowe'en screensaver I've put together. We're both admirers of your work, with fifty eight years between us.
Nicolas Sevcik 22 February 2013
Very nice wallpaper, but is therer a version without the speech bubble?
Presto 27 March 2013
Vkt0r 19 April 2013
Man you have a huge talent , really , and a creativity, is so great, keep doing this
ala 28 December 2014
such a beautiful collection! do you use this site http://www.artsfon.com/42182-heart-style-labels-love-grunge%20love%20style-grand-months.html ? i think i've seen some of the pictures here
pOpoy 9 July 2020
Gary Lerner 24 October 2023
Love this pacman halloween wallpaper!! Thank you, Vlad :)