Patek Philippe Watch

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Vlad Gerasimov 27 November 2007
I found a photo of beautiful old Patek Philippe Watches, and immediately thought I could draw them using vector tools in Photoshop! So  I did :-) This wallpaper is also available in Wallpaper Clock format (click Wallpaper Clock link) which show actual time!
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LucasDT long ago
Waw.... nice one...
Matt long ago
just what I have been looking for. perfect.
feng shaun long ago
amazing...I love it :)
Jim long ago
where's the download button?!
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Jim - please see link saying: How to set this picture to my desktop? Thanks.
Ronald Timms long ago
Birol long ago
good work, Vlad, as usual... Thanks for sharing these works with us.
Khal long ago
Good job.
Meg long ago
A true piece of art!
Pinky long ago
By registering, we can download watermark free wallpapers. But your wallpapers are so beautiful, i want your mark to be displayed.
Kevin 12 January 2008
kool !
Vadia 18 January 2008
only americans have nothing to say exept "ou Vlad!good job!i love it!", your imagination is even worse than i expected!
emily 7 June 2008
Great job Vladstudio! You guys never fail to amaze me with your intricate designs and outstanding wallpapers. I can never thank you enough for spicing up my desktop!
matty 16 June 2013
only Vadia has nothing to say except criticizing Americans; foreigners are even meaner than I expected. jk Vladstudio your work is trill & thought provoking.
ran 16 September 2013
Thank you, I will try this...
Omega réplique 16 July 2014
This post is very worthy of appreciation, look forward to more exciting!
MAninder 28 April 2017
What rubbish
Sriram Kini 28 May 2020
I discovered this from a guy on kde store. Glad that I found this. I am a student so cant buy premium now , will surely buy it in future . thanks for free wallpapers.