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Vlad Gerasimov 18 February 2007
This wallpaper is  my response to Apple 'Get a Mac' ad campaign -
tiankongzhu long ago
magda long ago
e' semplicemente MERAVIGLIOSO! (L)
RiCK-Itto long ago
You are my Idol... And this incredible wallpaper you got an A+ (y) I'm a SUPER MAC FAN!!!! THANKS!!!!
Jenn long ago
Forget linux. Add a BSD daemon instead :). Just kidding I like it just the way you decided it should be.
connie long ago
(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y) good idea
hat long ago
So pretty!!!!!
keanu (mac user) long ago
i can describe this just in one word: funcoolprettyfantasticbeautifulgeniouscreative and....... MAC ! I (L) it
mary long ago
umm..... thats pretty neat
zazgrol long ago
elina long ago
Ja rabotaju na MAC. Klasnaja kartinka !!!!!!!
bb boi long ago
your imagination is amazing!!!
Deni long ago
i'm in love with your works...(your ideas and your fantasy are WoW )
Katie long ago
that is so hott! And pretty funny too. Keep up the good work!
Sonic long ago
haaa that's really funny :)))))))))) PAZZTALOM hehehe
Garnele long ago
Yeah, you´re very cool, there are so many wallpapers here that I like! But this one I like best, till now ;-)
Mariam long ago
i really like this one ! genial
tambien long ago
Õàõàõàõàõà!! Îòëè÷íàÿ òåìà! ñóïåð!
tambien long ago
Hahahahahaha!!! Really good pic! Best!!
Grant long ago
I'm a fork.
Grant long ago
No wait, i'm a pixel! LOL
muhammad ali long ago
son long ago
sup191 long ago
OMG! That made me LOL in real life. :) Awesome job!
Luca long ago
I like it but... Why you don't replace the comb whith a Linux User?
arash long ago
it's so pretty just Vlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Câline long ago
Christina long ago
Your Ipod has legs? Wow. I guess that's a Russian feature :-) I love your work!
somedude189 long ago
Combs are so much more random.. it's funny!
oomu long ago
I would love a third person instead of the comb a nice little pingouin "I'm linux" :)
Cynthia long ago
Awesome!!! I just love it! I switch b'ween PCs and MACs everyday. Thanks heaps
Sneha Kochak long ago
Kudos Vlad! Some of your wallpapers are so expressive of our time and place. LOL on the comb!
Griever long ago
gdhgdh long ago
So funny :)) I keep looking at it again and giggling - I'm a fork - non-sequitur and priceless :))
Nilesh long ago
Vlad, was wondering if there is any significance in the the PC, the Mac and the Comb being placed in that particular sequence. Cause one way I see it, is that there is much less hair on the Mac as compared to the PC.
tweeky long ago
totally coooooool
emma long ago
haha this one's hilarious.........a comb?
sissy long ago
you are great. i love my mac with your wallpaper. super cool.
Linuxero long ago
Hey! And where is linux's user? Vlad, don't make me cry... :'(
Paul long ago
Love it, love it, love it! (L)
Emily long ago
Are you implying that Macs haven't seen a comb? This is really cute... I think the mouse should have ears, however. :-D
yk long ago
So cute!~
kacenka long ago
I love CPU!
mkultra 6 February 2008
TillyG 26 February 2008
This is just so beautiful! I love your smooth sense of humor :-D
Gregory Grubbs 25 March 2008
Love it! What ever happened to combworld? I have a small image stamped '' with portraits of combs in love, a sorrowful comb, young & old combs, and a pretty woman comb. I would love to update that for my larger 21st century monitors!
Xavie 1 April 2008
Haha!!! This is so funny!! I love it!! ;-) Great job, as usual. :-D
Shuffle Life 4 April 2008
It makes me laugh every times I see it !!!
ghazal 21 September 2008
what's your mean?! it's lovely vlad!
Nguyen Duy Linh 19 November 2008
Mac is base on Linux-kernel.
Christi 5 February 2009
i dont get the joke
katie 20 November 2009
I like it because their all different things
ania 19 August 2010
ma che bello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Volpe 7 November 2012
Ооо, вот она, наикрутейшая! (: Спасибо!

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