Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 September 2007
Another one in musical instruments series - piano.

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Jan Blazicek  ·  long ago
Well, not bad, but I must say that the piano itself looks kinda plastic. I think you can do better than that. And consider the saxophone once again please. It will be a hard one, I admit, but if you handle it well it will be great. :D

Fifi  ·  long ago

zu  ·  long ago
exelente!!! elegante ;), ¿no tienes de un micofono?

CatherinaBallerina  ·  long ago
My life is basically a Mozart Opera, or a Tchaikowsky Concerto, and this background fits me as a 12 year old pianist, already playing Beethoven. I love you art, and I'm new around here, so I LOVE this pic!!! GO VLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!33555

Jie Wang  ·  long ago
Sooooooo Cool!! I love the Mozart sonata in the background..... Jie

dimples  ·  long ago
Simply Cool!.............

Douglas Suber  ·  long ago
This is so beautiful.

LG  ·  long ago
Love this one... don't remember if I've already commented on this one. With the piano you can create a sound so complete that you could fill in all the blanks in silence... Just as you do with your marvellous work... Keep on filling the blanks in our hearts with your wonderful art!!! Thanks!!!

Parzival  ·  long ago
This is great, I wanna see a wallpaper like this but, with harpsichord!! It's an instrument that represents all my dreams like various of your pictures. Thanks a lot for your art :)

Stephanie  ·  long ago
Fit. :)

Phil  ·  long ago
Awesome work. BTW -- Is the music from any particular source?

Kim  ·  long ago
This is Gorgeous! Thank you!

Sam  ·  long ago
Hey! Nice wallpaper! Do you think you can make it for macs so the piano part goes on the left side? Thanks!

Dani Arteri  ·  long ago
This is definitely the best wallpaper you've done. I love it! Thank you so much!

Sebastian  ·  long ago
Nice, been waiting for a piano wp to come up, i play my self allot, so, it fits my screen perfectly :) thanks

Me  ·  long ago
:w00t: ;)

aga  ·  long ago

Sneha  ·  long ago
Just awesome Vlad! The pianoo looks so real!!! Kudos!

feng shaun  ·  long ago

Steve Lockhart  ·  long ago

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