Precise Pangolin


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 April 2012
I did not have high hopes when I participated in Ubuntu 12.04 wallpapers contest but suddenly my wallpaper was included in the short list, and then in Ubuntu itself! If you use Ubuntu 12.04 (currently in beta) you will see my wallpaper in default Change backgound list after software update. If not - I should say that 4 of  my 5 computers have Ubuntu! (And 5th is Mac :-) ) Here is the current beta and in the end of April it will be available from main download page. I  am very happy I could add my 5 cents to this outstanding OS!

hintze  ·  10 April 2012
great news, congratulations! using ubuntu myself, im looking forward to see the new version and your wallpaper. i love your wallpapers and discovered them several years ago (also bought your book "who stole the moon", which is brilliant by the way). and now im kind of confused, to read sth about my favourite OS here :) sometimes, the world is like… "too small" ;)

Don Loe  ·  10 April 2012
I'm suprised that this has the signature/logo even though I'm logged in to my account.

Paolo  ·  10 April 2012
Great !

Kelcey  ·  10 April 2012
I confess I had to google what a Pangolin was, we definitely don't have them here in Australia. If you squint, they sort of look like baby dragons, or maybe I've just been watching too much Game Of Thrones. Anyway, another awesome image Vlad, well done:)

Paul  ·  10 April 2012
Humility is a great quality and you seem to have it in spades. I'm not surprised at all that you won a spot in this contest. Your wallpaper is perfect!

Flo  ·  10 April 2012
Thank you so much for this awsome work! Once I've seen this Pango-Cutie, I first laughed out loud, then putting it right on my Desktop. Please, please, please: Create these kind of wallpapers for every upcoming version of Ubuntu. I'm absolutely sure, they will all make it into the final version – thus allowing thousands and thousands of happy users to set them as their default wallpaper. Thank you once again for this outstanding and so cute artwork!

Paolo Pisanu  ·  10 April 2012
I'm an Ubuntu user since the first release in 2004 and I'm so happy to see this!!! Vlad you are great!!! Something is changing on the Desktops all over the World and your Works are beatiful.

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  11 April 2012
Thanks everyone :-) Kelcey - I had to google too! Never heard this word before.

Telkwa  ·  11 April 2012
I've been experimenting with Ubuntu since 2005. As far back as I can remember they've offered at least one desktop wallpaper that portrayed the critter for which the current version was named. I always thought these efforts sucked. Until now. What I really like about your artwork is the convergence of rich colors and subtle humor. Your pangolin is my new Beta 2 wallpaper.

NINJA  ·  11 April 2012
can you please make wallpaper with NINJA?

Eduardo Cereto Carvalho  ·  12 April 2012
You kidding right? This was one of the best wallpapers on the contest. The best one non-photographic wallpaper for sure. It's well deserved. Well done.

Stefano Bagnatica  ·  12 April 2012
I was waiting for a wallpaper like this for Precise Pangoline, thank you Vlad!

Dhruv  ·  12 April 2012
Nice wallpapers as always. Yet I wish you made some wallpapers of space. Also ninjas are appreciated. Thanks a ton by your great fan.

Stan  ·  12 April 2012
Vlad... i have no words... it is wonderfull! Again and again.... Unbelievable...

tamalita  ·  17 April 2012
Congratulations!!! I love it :) Glad your work is being recognized!

Helena  ·  17 April 2012
Поздравляю! Я никогда не сомневалась, что Влад - лучший в своем деле.

Andy  ·  19 April 2012
Great job!

còojg  ·  20 April 2012
fate cagare

stephen wright  ·  20 April 2012
Congratulations on having this wonderful WP being given this distinction. It's well deserved.

Patrick Gillespie  ·  22 April 2012
Congratulations. I thought it looked like your work, then happened to stop by your site, lo and behold. You & Ubuntu are a perfect fit.

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