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Vlad Gerasimov 25 February 2018
In this work, I wanted to raise important questions of the destructive influence of social networks... but eh, I'd rather scroll my Facebook feed just a bit more! For V.
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Dany Despas 25 February 2018
Hi Vlad, en cas de besoin je suis très bon en procrastination ... ;-) Via Felicia .... :-)
Ian 25 February 2018
Wonderful :)
Goutam Sharma 28 February 2018
Fantastic. Love it as always. Good to see you back.
Mariam Hammad 19 May 2018
Perfect as usual! I can't tell you how happy I am to see new content from you. Ever since I discovered your website, which was a long time ago, I haven't used anything but your wallpapers for my laptop and my phone. I just adore your work so very much! Thank you, Vlad. You are amazing!
wesley 24 October 2018
Anat 4 December 2018
I LOVE those wallpapers. Bring a smile to me and all who see my desktop. Been a supporting member since 2005. Keep it up!
halo 9 August 2019
我爱这些壁纸。 给我带来微笑,所有人看到我的桌面。 自2005年以来是承重构件。 坚持下去!
Nicholas 27 March 2021
love it
vishal malik 28 May 2021
This is such minimalistic approach. I love it, Thank you