Vlad Gerasimov  ·  2 July 2004
Another picture with my favorite characters.

meliss  ·  long ago

chipset  ·  long ago
love it, absolutely love it.

thinface  ·  long ago
Fantastic! :-) I'd love a 1440 x 900 though.

emrah  ·  long ago
only interesting

Jaideep  ·  long ago
Colour scheme suits Windows XP blue theme and image is undeniably refreshing to the spirit. (Y)

ana  ·  long ago
just.. perfect!

an  ·  long ago
so cute ;-)

Rebecca  ·  long ago
Is this image available as a poster/print? I didn't see it in the store.

anon  ·  long ago
love the shiny/polished quality on the two :-)

Pat  ·  long ago
as ana said....i love it!

muniba  ·  long ago
Thats the first time I accidentally bumped into ur site. I am truly impressed by the creativity and ideas u have portrayed in ur wall papers (Y) &... if this is low quality then i wonder what would be best?

Emina  ·  long ago
Great. Simply great.

kaven  ·  long ago
really a very good job..^^

Nicko  ·  long ago

Jennifer  ·  long ago
Está lindo!

why you wanna to know?  ·  long ago
sup this looks exactly like my bffs brother....... :-S hes really mean and too freaky to b true

vitupea  ·  long ago
kuule. see on jama. korista ära, munn

maimai  ·  long ago
feeling warm,when meet that child

data_smith  ·  long ago
âëàä, áåçóïðå÷íûå îáîè! ýòî ÿ è ìîÿ äóíü÷à íà êàðòèíêå? (:

orlando  ·  long ago
thank you!! I like it .an~~~

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