Raring Ringtail


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Vlad Gerasimov 26 April 2013
Yesterday, a new version of  my favourite operating system, Ubuntu, was released. Its name is Raring Ringtail - and as with previous releases, I created a wallpaper dedicated to it! My wallpapers for previous Ubuntu releases: Precise Pangolin * Little Quetzal
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lock 26 April 2013
Kelcey 26 April 2013
Love it:)
Carl Willetts 26 April 2013
Leo L 26 April 2013
I totally love it ! But brown is AGAIN the main color (like in a lot of your recent pieces). Why ??
Martin Kadlec 26 April 2013
I absolutely love it! However, I like to have dark/blackish backgrounds. Any chance for a ringtail in night? :)
kler 26 April 2013
Vlad Gerasimov 26 April 2013
Leo - it's made to match Ubuntu color scheme. Martin - I'll see what I can do!
Heidi 26 April 2013
I'm not a Linux user, but this is really cute. I want to pull that tail. ;) Would a version with blue background be possible?
TrudySnider 26 April 2013
So cute
TrudySnider 26 April 2013
So cute
stan 26 April 2013
Perfect!! I am checking this website every day in waiting for new wallpaper :)
stan 26 April 2013
And I am very for blue version too... This warm one is a little killing in this hot Slovak weather... :-S
Xav 26 April 2013
Thanks again!
jesus alberto hernandez 26 April 2013
amazing!! i love the texture !!
HIM 26 April 2013
I am Glad I followed you on facebook! Awesum wallpapers, right on your news feed!
Sanskar Tiwari 27 April 2013
Cute, Simple, Cuddly, Beautiful; All at the same time!
Michal 28 April 2013
Meow :-) Very cute wallpaper. With blue background it could be even better.
Marija Vasić 28 April 2013
I prefer your brown style! For me this is a perfect but incomplete picture! I would like to see how would you draw a cute, tiny racoon :) Could you do it, please!
Everaldo Canuto 29 April 2013
Would be amazing to have it in Blue for Ubuntu GNOME :-) Anyway... great wallpaper!
Kimberly King 30 April 2013
Very inspiring, love the nature theme!
Jo Standley 1 May 2013
And what is the music? I like.....
Vlad Gerasimov 1 May 2013
Jo: forgot to mention - music from "Toto Bona Lokua"!
Darxicus 1 May 2013
So disappointed they didn't include this in 13.04 :( I just LOVE it! (:
Vlad Gerasimov 1 May 2013
Darxicus - they had no chance, I published it after the release!
Jo Standley 2 May 2013
TY :) Nice music, very nice.
Caro 6 May 2013
Very beautiful!!!!!!
hishea 22 May 2013
Kai 24 May 2013
These are sooooo cute! I love it! These wallpapers are too underrated. :(
Adam 22 June 2013
Michail Vasilyev 11 October 2013
Thanks so much for your creative Ubuntu wallpapers. They're surely gotta be available out of the system box, for sure! Saucy is just about to be created & released. Can't wait to see some new versions!
soapguru 20 January 2014
I give .... how do i download a "free" wallpaper?
soapguru 20 January 2014
lol, nm....duh...got it
El 20 February 2014
Looooove it!!!!!!
ninaa 14 February 2021
this is soooooo cuuute love it!