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Vlad Gerasimov 4 May 2004
hot! hot! hot! winter sucks! summer rules!
Ling long ago
that is not bad, good
Aman Bablu long ago
ofozka long ago
o kadarda iyi değil (N)
MJwho long ago
Ruoss compà
Ehsan long ago
Michael long ago
Again Artistic Master Piece,great work on the Colors,and exquiste show of simplicity,7 stars for such a good work.
مهرد long ago
مادرتو گاییدم با این کارات
Papa Luigi long ago
My main man! I've lost this one when my computer crashed and hard disk had to be renewed; so glad I found it back between all the other great ones!
Ada long ago
It's perfect form my gloomy holiday ;)
me long ago
not bad! but to much red...
Not much on my mind today. What long ago
Not much on my mind today. What can I say? I've just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. But i found this site and became happy! pt : pv
Very nice point of view! Respect long ago
Very nice point of view! Respect!
Good site! long ago
Good site!
Good site! long ago
Good site!
Good site! long ago
Good site!
Good site! long ago
Good site!
Good site! long ago
Good site!
Good site! long ago
Good site!
MAREK & ZUZU long ago
Jose Daniel long ago
too hot!
Michel long ago
always a good one, a must have with a warn feel . excellent :)
belo long ago
Wacky long ago
nice ;-)
Seki long ago
Simply and nice. Simply nice! Yellow is nice...
n3wuni long ago
n1 ;-)
Вася long ago
Ну здорово. Просто здорово. Вы плохо не делаете. Только жаль закрыли (u)
The Milkman long ago
THIS IS SOOOO GOOD :) Thanks for this free wallpaper :)
Rain long ago
you the man Vlad, self portrait or maybe someone you know?
Jaideep long ago
Oh! In our tropical country of India it would be the other way round, Vlad. We'd prefer to say "cool! cool! cool! summer sucks! winter rules! lol ;-)
Krzysztof long ago
Very good . It is nr 1. Vlad is OK. :-)
sam's long ago
very good
sam the mind long ago
very good work & fine.
TOSHINK long ago
Crystal long ago
This is great. I like the red. Vlad you're the best! (N)
Rayne long ago
I love the stick figures...they are so neat. :-D
Rit@ 20 May 2008
not bad but the other version it's so much better...thanks
pulnamu 20 March 2010
lovely image.

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