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Vlad Gerasimov 18 August 2017
Again, just for fun!
Rob 18 August 2017
Very fun. My kids love it.
Kelcey 18 August 2017
Too cute:)
Kostya 18 August 2017
Awesome! Thank you.
Doug Langille 18 August 2017
Glad you're drawing again, Vlad. I missed your work.
Mike 18 August 2017
Great job! I love his face but the background color is orange and hence too aggressive. it wil be difficult to keep it as a wallpaper for a long time. I wish to have the same picture but with more calm colours, such as dark blue or green, like in a case with Kiwi wallpaper. Thanks.
Oziel 19 August 2017
Go vlad, you're amazing!
Vlad Gerasimov 19 August 2017
Mike - good idea! I am personally in the orange mood, but I also made the blue version - please see the next wallpaper.
Mitch 23 August 2017
just :-)
Victoria 25 September 2020
123 bueno
Victoria 25 September 2020
123 bueno

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