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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
the serie is expanding!
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Jacqui long ago
very good! (Y)
نوره long ago
Aaron long ago
Great stuff ! Awesome work as usual! :-)
asuana long ago
î÷åíü ñòèëüíî ñìîòðèòñÿ, íè÷åãî ëèøíåãî (Y)
asa long ago
estan excelentes, muy originales vanguardistas saludos de monterrey mexico.
dmd long ago
This is my desktop. I love it!
dk long ago
it's a perfect kind of irony, elephants=heavy balloons=light elephants = not light. Perfect!!
saveen long ago
Yeaaaah. dat is cooooool. oh fool........
Morgan Vitt long ago
I love the elephants, so cute
K Aatish long ago
A very musical wallpaper!
Morgan age 11 long ago
I love this piece, I think you should make more funner pieces
ashi long ago
nice wallpaper you are keeping surprise with great ideas
kubo long ago
Je to celkom fajn
masha long ago
Da, jchen zdorovo. a vyshe vyskazannaya mysl naschet sozdaniaya postera - (Y)
seqwence long ago
Nice work !!! It's very cool !
kasta long ago pictures sucks
Jaideep long ago
beautiful colour scheme and cute concept long ago
^^ long ago
Divya long ago
Vald How do u come up with all these.Its so funny & very very very very cute. I loved it to the core.. Thanks
?????? long ago
*********** long ago
you are so good!!!
yarak long ago
sameer long ago
all i can say about ur site is that dude u r a magician ;)
misha long ago
i m in luv ;)
betty long ago
your wok amazes me :-)
Melody long ago
This is one of my favorites. Love the soft yet colourful representation. Love the oil paint effect of the background.
friendofraj long ago
thats rocking...
brian long ago
amazing work!!! you are extremely talented!
Craig Jones long ago
balu long ago
hallo se the sit avery 1
sky long ago
Dalia long ago
very good
Christina Walker long ago
laurie long ago
they are so beautiful i like them a lot
Geeth NuwaN long ago
I Like Your Wallpapers. My Congratulations
BJ long ago
I love your elephants, but your abstracts are wonderful too, although, I just love your art work. Ran accross your web and was very fortunate to be able to enjoy your talent and your work. Thanks for the Beauty!! BJ (L)
chamellieon long ago
all of your work is absolutely gorgeous, i just love it so much. these animals remind me of a short series that ive seen on tv a while back, but i can't remmeber the name of the show!
Ariyo long ago
Absolutely beautiful. I Love it.
Amanda Sze long ago
just unbelieveable!! ;-) terrific!!! :-P number 1!!!! (Y) loved it!!! :-D
Amanda Sze long ago
I couldn't stop lookin at it!!! :-) just the best work ever seen!! :-P
hERd long ago
kinda crazy picture...
Katia long ago
I have to confess, did not notice the line until i read the comments, it just blended least for me! cool wallpaper, my fav :)
chih long ago
Eran long ago
Nice wallpaper, just the horizontal line a bit messes up with the colors. I think it would be nicer if the colors would have a fading a effect instead of a great change..
son long ago
Very Good! My like !
lee long ago
i like this one alot. it is obvious you have people you love alot that you base these backgrounds on. that makes them even better.
Onno long ago
I just started to wonder: would it be possible to create a poster of this image? ;-)
Faisal long ago
Fine! I just liked it. (Y)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
2Onno: sure, just email me and I will send you bigger file that you can take to yoru local printing service.
do-ji long ago
very good! like~ like~
mustafa long ago
nice yıllara
mustafa long ago
nice yıllara
승곤 long ago
ㅋㅋ^^ 코끼리풍선이라...
long ago
Nice wallpaper I like your work (Y)
kuba long ago
moc hezký
Firat 14 January 2008
Abdulkadir 16 January 2008
very cute. I loved.
jvjdkshfkdjhd 27 January 2008
chenmomo 28 January 2008
zbox 7 February 2008
This is great.
DY 24 February 2008
Тимон 29 February 2008
Клева! мне очень очень понравилось!
maajhoo1 2 March 2008
كلمة أبدآآعـ قليلهـ
1998 14 June 2008
ha ha ha ha its funny :D
jaico 25 June 2008
ha haa haaa it not funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny
Feng Wang 29 October 2008
I really like having this skiing wallpaper on my Macbook :)
mellpyellow3 19 September 2009
this whole website is cool my computer wallpapers are nothing but vladstudio pics u rock vlad!
francesca 4 June 2010
It's the best picture in the world. I wish I were like you.
sunny jain 26 April 2012
oh nice ........................
stephanie l 10 November 2012
beautiful! thanks so much!
Rahul K 10 June 2013
Alexandra 6 December 2013
Amazing artwork and just love all the elephants graphics and the Alice depictions!!