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Vlad Gerasimov 21 August 2017
For V.
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A 21 August 2017
Glad you're back, Vlad! So happy to see your work again!
Geoff 22 August 2017
Beautiful - simple, clear lines.
Heidi 22 August 2017
Beautiful texture and great colours. I wish I'd be by the sea right now.
roby 22 August 2017
Nicolas Antoniades 22 August 2017
Instant favorite ! Wow !
Antonio Moroni 23 August 2017
Belli, belli, belli, i tuoi lavori sono sempre più belli!!!!
Patrick Mills 23 August 2017
So beautiful and calming. I'm so glad you're doing some new pieces - your work delights me every time I look at my computer. Thank you.
Livanco 25 August 2017
Супер!, хочу на море!!!
Sophie Gousset 29 August 2017
Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.
Presto 3 September 2017
Min 17 September 2017
So so so happy that you're finally back!!!!! :) Thanks for the work!!!!!
Fatma KIZIL 28 September 2017
Oh my God! You are back. Thank you.
Amar P Singh 24 October 2017
Thank you for your new wallpaper, dear Vlad!
Ben 3 November 2017
Your art has been a continual source of inspiration for me for years...I'm so glad you're back, Vlad, and hope you are doing very well!!
Shelley Evans 2 December 2017
Dear Vlad, I have been using your wallpapers for MANY years, and am just delighted to see your new work— I have your wallpapers on every single device I own and use, and many of my family members do too. Welcome back. The world is lucky to have you.
菜菜 22 October 2018
sunny sun 23 October 2018
peaceful image
Mr.Dragon 16 November 2018
Perfect Blue!
brooklyn 30 November 2018
cc 28 December 2018
good picture
Juan Ignacio 13 January 2019
Muchas gracias. Precioso
Charming 12 February 2019
good picture
synancy 1 March 2019
Time rewinds…
BingHeng 12 June 2019
R.C 28 June 2019
thank you very much
kira 23 August 2019
thank u♥
graceeeeL 20 December 2019
peaceful lines and colors. love the blue you choose!
piglot 23 March 2020
cxkeykey 3 April 2020
Good Job! I like it so much~
Z+0 29 April 2020
I like it so much
Nikolas 11 May 2020
Great wallpaper! My new desktop :-)
Damon 29 May 2020
simple clean and comfortable