A Sleeping Snake


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Vlad Gerasimov 23 November 2021
I must admin, I almost gave up  on this one. Could not decide what should be  in the center! And a cute little sleeping snake is never a bad choice :-) Also, drawing anything botanical is calming and meditating. Highly recommend!
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Kelcey 24 November 2021
This is so beautiful - I would love it even more with a turtle in the centre :)
Alterio Felines 24 November 2021
Nice wallpaper. Thank you!
J.D. Haltigan 24 November 2021
Very nice!
david dorrington 24 November 2021
love it
Valentina Chernaya 24 November 2021
so cozy!
Osvaldo Rodríguez Argüello 24 November 2021
Good job
M. Atila Akkaş 24 November 2021
Thank you Vlad, so nice...
Debbie Metz 24 November 2021
Beautiful colors! Beautiful design!
Roberta Hudgins 24 November 2021
i love the colors tones!
Geoff 25 November 2021
Very subtle and calming. The dots somehow provide a structure for those who like order on their desktop
Manish 27 November 2021
really feel so like nature
Elena 27 November 2021
Beautiful design! Love it!
Pam 27 November 2021
Very nice. Thank you !
Adrian Chaverri Coto 28 November 2021
Lindo, agradables colores !
devinT 8 December 2021
Beautiful! :)
Richard 13 December 2021
Love. I see a wee bit of Rousseau in it.
Halina 20 December 2021
A gdzie są wszystkie z poprzednich lat tapety świąteczne i zimowe. Piękne były.
Jaideep Nadkarni 30 December 2021
One of the most adorable wallpapers for nature lovers. So surrealistic. I've had this on my phone and as FB cover and lol, never noticed or knew anything about the snake sitting in the centre so secretly, until I read the title just now... Ha ha! Love it so much.
7 20 September 2022
这个构图设计很漂亮,Thinks for your beautiful picture,I like it。
frank 10 January