Sound Wave


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  7 July 2009
Simple abstract wallpaper, inspired by the beauty of sound wave! As always, Photoshop only.

Murat USTUNTAS  ·  7 July 2009
Great.. :) and wish FreeBSD wall paper please :D

Kara  ·  7 July 2009
Going on my Blackberry!

MaTt  ·  7 July 2009
cool... =)

V  ·  7 July 2009
I love the use of colour the blue to the red looks great!! keep it up vlad can't wait to see what's next.

David Brenner  ·  7 July 2009
absolutely stunning! and as always, a great use of vibrant colors. I really dig your smooth adaptation of the sound waves — it creates a great flow. Btw this goes great with the Arabesque screensaver (packaged with OS X Leopard).

Adam Moore  ·  7 July 2009
Hey, looks great. As a subscriber, I have noticed a few things. On all the images (except the highest resolution ones) there is a faint border on all your wallpapers at the lower resolutions. This is caused by Photoshop/Illustrator resizing a rasterized image, but, all the game, being a fellow graphic design i've noticed :) I just wanted to mention it! That is all. Keep up the great work :) I'm glad I subscribed! Regards, Adam

Joshua Bergen  ·  8 July 2009
As a lover of music and an audio engineer I LOVE this wallpaper. Keep up the amazing work Vlad!

Nero  ·  8 July 2009

mkultra  ·  8 July 2009

Jynrya  ·  8 July 2009
I love it!

jorge kulesza  ·  8 July 2009
Beautiful wallpaper, i hope some day u do a wallpaper with something related to Peru.

Carina  ·  8 July 2009
Really great. Would love to see a tutorial. Thanks!

George Zhelyazkov  ·  9 July 2009
brilliant! thanks!

Mellllanic  ·  9 July 2009
terrific painting...............

Jacek Dominiak  ·  9 July 2009
It would look just great with green like colors. Easier for the eyes.

Alkahest  ·  9 July 2009
Sheer awsomeness. You never cease to amaze me Vlad =). Would it be possible to different different colour variations of this?

Justin Murray  ·  9 July 2009
vibrant. brilliant. tutorial please! :)

Adam Moore  ·  11 July 2009
Oh, and I love this. I have it on my desktop (2x 1680x1050), at work 2x (1680x1050) and on my Macbook :) Brilliant work dude.

Liz  ·  11 July 2009
Love love love this one! <3

Ryan   ·  12 July 2009
Yeah I gotta say, lovin this one.

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