Square Elephant


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  27 November 2007
I admit this is very strange wallpaper! But I wanted to post it anyway, maybe somebody will like it...

Teresa  ·  long ago
I love it :) All your wallpapers with elephants are great ! So simple...so beautifull...

Ell  ·  long ago
in my opinion, it's a lovely small mammoth... :-)

Amelie  ·  long ago
One little question : where his tusk is? :-s

Amelie  ·  long ago
p.s - i hope tusk is the correct term. tusk/ivory, one of this

Ruby Pipes  ·  long ago
I really like this one. And yeah, I've been registered for life for some time now and never, ever second-guessed it.

Coyote  ·  long ago
I love the colors and the textures! The look on the elephant's face is really cute, too :)

dima  ·  long ago
Amelie, apparently this one is very young mammoth who've just lost his baby teeth :)

Carlos Villarreal de la Rosa  ·  long ago
One of my favorites

Matthew Bentley  ·  long ago
Hey Vlad, do you think you could make a new wallpaper with just the background of this one on it? I think its awesome!

Christina Levacsics  ·  long ago
dear Vlad, this gorgeous fuzzy elephant is fan-tas-tic! Your wallpapers are the highlight of my day! The detail & creativity in your work is inspirational. I am so glad i found you!

Thanh Vuong  ·  long ago
It's not strange at all. It's great! I've just registered for life and I believe your art is worth every dollar. Thanks for much.

Jonathan  ·  long ago
Absolutely wonderful, very unique and gorgeous. I love it! :-)

szilvia  ·  long ago
strange? it's just as strange as breathing :) thank you again, it's awesome!

Desiree  ·  long ago
Not strange at all, awesome!

Naiani  ·  long ago
I've been a fan of you for quite some time. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance, so far, to register. You're one of the only artists I've ever considered registering (the other 2 ones make The Sims 2 stuff xD). This is great, as usual. I never expect less than great when it comes to your wallpapers. Hopefully, as soon as I get a new credit card, I'll be able to register for life. =D Keep up the amazing work!

Ell  ·  long ago
Amelie: he is too young to have tusks :). but he is shaggy, unambiguously

Caleb  ·  long ago
Great artwork. Thanks.

oomengnan  ·  long ago
I like it !

JZ  ·  long ago
Trying to download the dual-screen ones. But unavailable for free. =(

Thomas Garry  ·  long ago
This is LOW quality?! You need to take a look at Window's available wallpaper. That's ......nasty.(except that in Vista)

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