Squares 3


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Vlad Gerasimov 26 September 2007
Another color variation of previous wallpaper. This is very simple abstract wallpaper, for easy desktop, originally designed as wallpaper clock (you can find it  in Wall Clocks Gallery)
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Faruk long ago
very nice design. other colors are very nice, too.
LucasDT long ago
Orange... does not work for me... sorry... I have a suggestion for you, place a link to "home" in your logo in the upper left corner. Everybody is used to go to a site's home by clicking on it logo instead of the home button next to the language selection.
Jay Reyes (Manila, Philippines) long ago
Verry "jello" looking.. looks yummy. i love the colors of your squares series.. good work, vlad!
Ashwin long ago
Very difficult to pick which one to use, all three are so good.
mostafa long ago
thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
mc long ago
Orange color rocks the most of the wallpapers in this series. On the other hand, this is pretty simple and won't hit my desktop often in the long run.
lissomm long ago
nice nice nice nice
the eche long ago
you rule!!!
ribbot long ago
can you make it purple?
Mohammed Korashy long ago
My Fav.
Goobimama long ago
I guess to change the colour one has to just open it in Photoshop and move the Hue/saturation slider. Orange works for me though...
John Bonnes long ago
I love it... I'd like more color in the series to rotate thorough
t33r0y long ago
I love this wallpaper. Would love to see it in black and greys.
tom long ago
nice one
Nadin 5 January 2010
I Like orange!!!
Teji 31 October 2020