Star Trails

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Vlad Gerasimov 13 October 2010
By request, here is the version of previous wallpaper without the moon. Thanks!
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Janko Falli 13 October 2010
Perfect, thanks ;)
Adam Moore 13 October 2010
nupur 15 October 2010 it....
MAMALSTILER 10 December 2010
It's Very good
Doman 8 August 2011
Really cool, wish for a tutorial!
Nicque 8 September 2011
Its An Amazing Wallpaper!!
yasi 21 May 2012
perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrefect.goooooooooooooooood job for you!
Таня 17 July 2012
Pavlo Verba 20 January 2017
This is absolutely beautiful, my favorite wallpaper to date.
T.S.M 9 January 2019
I want to make this... not this.. but to share my love of star trails. This has inspired me for a long time... thanks.