Symbols (Color 1)

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Vlad Gerasimov 1 May 2012
A pattern of about 8000 unique symbols, not intersecting. How I made this? Let it  be my little secret :-) Other color variations:
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Ray 2 May 2012
Solving a puzzle of this one is impossible :D
Vlad Gerasimov 3 May 2012
Ray - you're right! I zoomed in as much as possible, so that the symbols are larger in the puzzle.
Sotirios Soulantikas 20 June 2012
Excellent piece of digital art, typical of Vlad. Has been on my desktop for quite a long time!!
Amir 28 July 2012
ha ha ha!!!!!!!
Amir 28 July 2012
ha ha ha!!!!!!!
harsh 4 August 2012
Cindy 27 August 2014
❤this one