The Two and the Aliens


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  7 July 2005
This wallpaper is NOT inspired by War of the Worlds movie :-) This idea was inside me for quite a while already, but only today I suddenly understood how to draw it. Enjoy!

me  ·  long ago

westerlyh76  ·  long ago
great work !! that's so cute ~

Meow  ·  long ago
You need 1920x1200 resolutions.

Meow  ·  long ago
Nevermind I'm blind.

Amoo  ·  long ago
KOOL(Y) KOOL(Y) KOOL.....(Y) Perfect............MAN

Kacenka  ·  long ago
Hello Vlad! I love (L) your wallpapers to death... ;-) The two are my favourites and this one is brilliant! Keep it in blue (Y), best colour for Two.

Carla  ·  long ago
The first time I found your website, it took my breath away. :-O All of your works make me feel so many emotions. My son and I love this wallpaper! :-) (L)

Carlos  ·  long ago
Well as i have seen some of the other wallpapers. And I have to say they are all aswome! ;-)

Kelley  ·  long ago
It's amazing to me how expressive this piece is, it doesn'e need any words...most definitely my favorite

Casian  ·  long ago
Questa si .E arte.Vlad si .E un artista.Faro una bella mostra darte nel mio soggiorno.BRAVO VLAD

fsdfsdf  ·  long ago
hi? good site

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
2 whitenoisephantom: thank you!

vlad  ·  long ago
(im not the author)nice(Y)

Bill  ·  long ago
awesome is all i can say(Y)

george  ·  long ago
another nice 1 vlad

chanka  ·  long ago
(y) :-) (y) (y)

kelysar  ·  long ago
Hello Vlad. I've seen a lot of great pictures made by you during the last couple of years, and every so often I updated my current wallpaper with something new. Thanks a lot for your fine art! Cheers, kelysar

Aleksandar  ·  long ago

hybrid  ·  long ago
I love it!

Adelheid In Wonderland  ·  long ago
Wow ... I love this one. It's funny how the aliens are right side up, think about it.

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