The Two and The Valentine

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Vlad Gerasimov 10 February 2006
February 14 is coming!

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THE CELL long ago
park long ago
cristina long ago
great as usual! :-) (Y)
arye long ago
zier long ago
long ago
Wonder long ago
Respect! :-)
johnny aplleseed long ago
muito emo issu ai :-P
ocha long ago
koon long ago
Tauheed long ago
Osche long ago
Nice and simple...helps u to show to your girlfriend the love you give to her
saveen long ago
It looks like as if me and my girlfriend.....(L)
krista long ago
i'm not to sure about the stick figures....but its cute(L)
e_clairs long ago
just for two...two words.. so cute!!
Aidan long ago
This kinda reminds me of my own work, although this is much better...
Moo long ago
I (l) this wallpaper (of course) but maybe that's just because I love The Two... or maybe because it's just SO CUTE!
mehdi long ago
شاهکار به تمام معنا
mehrnaz long ago
very good . . . ;-) (Y)
mehrnaz long ago
very good . . . ;-) (Y)
magdalena long ago
piękny ;-)
long ago
Òàê óþòíî! Òàê ïðîñòî è òàê ïðåêðàñíî!
Usha long ago
That's what real love really is :-) :To give whole your heart and whole your world to the other. To totally accept him with no prejudice (with eyes shut a way )
eleni long ago
eisai polu glukos mwro mou (L)
IZY long ago
Marcelo TM long ago
Muy bello trabajo. Esta serie "The Two" es muy linda y entretenida. Me gané unos buenos puntos con mi esposa. Muchas gracias y saludos.
Sergio long ago
Privet Vlad!! kak dela? Eto Sergio from Spain I suppose you know it but this wallpaper has been published by Orange in its website ... and it was funny because they are my internet providers and just connected tonight after talk with my loved wife (so far away now) and I found it :O Congratulatios and Buen provecho :P!!! have a nice photo-sesion
Heidi long ago
From California love's love's love's your work. This one is so sweet...
Magia long ago
Simplemente Magico!!!! Thanks for the VLADSTUDIO mobile
HAM long ago
aww cute. =)
VINA... long ago
bdepech long ago
Your artwork is Very COoOoOoOol.!!!
pari long ago
Excellent , so cute. thanks
PaRy long ago
Muy muy bonito fondo. Very very beautiful wallpaper. I love it...
337LEE long ago
Your work is simply... AMAZING.
justin long ago
about friggin time we see 'the two' back!!! amazing as usual. do you think we could get a tutorial for i love summer and/or the romantic flying tree?
Barb long ago
made my day!
son long ago
for 2.14
New Neptune long ago
ñåðèÿ "The Two and..." îäíà èç ñàìûõ ëó÷øèõ âàøèõ ðàáîò, Âëàä. Áîëüøîå ñïàñèáî :-)
Caline long ago
Perfect for this Valentine's (L) atmosphere. Thanks!!
Cristina long ago
How can I say it? ... just lovely!!! (L)(L)
DAVID long ago
Thanks :-) Your work is always PERFECT!!!
Singapore long ago
Happy Valentine's Day to you Vlad! (L)
Mo long ago
Kacenka long ago
The two are back .. now I have dilemma: pea-smilies or the two.. :-( you make them all so breathtaking!
Moo long ago
Ooooh... New layout? I like! :)
Hanna long ago
Lovely - The two and the valentine! Great job you do! Happy Valentine. ;-)
Audi long ago
Bere long ago
Im the fan # 1 of the serie the two, and i love this page more than my life. Saludos :-D
Jacqui long ago
adorable! (L)
long ago
ììì..ïðîñòî ñóïåð!!!!! ëþáîâíî òàê...
love it! long ago
jesus christ Vlad, your artistic skills is simply amazing... I think i've fallen in love...
mea long ago
nice pic..luv it :-D
Vanessa long ago
I love it (L)
itchie long ago
daisy long ago
(L) it doesnt get much better than this (L) wow
Magaly long ago
very cute (L)
aemell long ago
Thom long ago
My wife thanks you:-) -t
padi long ago
Korina long ago
Good, that I can say to you, I believe that it give to understand many precious things, I I like and enchantment much.
ooo long ago
Passerby 7 February 2008
Loved it! thanks so much!!!!!
Sankar Anand 10 February 2008
i love this wallpaper
xo 21 February 2008
Bimeks uses this wallpaper in turkish newspapers
asheesh 24 February 2008
i love this because it is so beautiful
sara 10 April 2008
very bad
Dustine 10 September 2008
VladStudio Lover 13 September 2009
Very, very Qute! xxx
SNU.K 4 August 2010
♥_♥ I really love it
Sergio 24 May 2012
Excelente, me gusta!
Neelu 30 September 2013
N Letter walpaper
Слава 16 January 2020
Потрясающе! Это шедевр!!!
Pam 7 February 2022
Happy Valentine's Day 2022 ♥