Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 April 2004
Very similar to previous wallpaper, but that was Lonely, and this is Together! My first NU experiment :) Hope you will like it!

jim   ·  long ago
love this dude its taken pride of place on my screen,just one little thing i would like to propose ;-),i would love this even more if the women held the moon and the man the sun ;-)pleeease let me know if you do one like that ok...respect man

Sergio  ·  long ago
Great, but filosophically mistaken. The Masculine Nature is hot, dry, lightful and is in tuning with the Sun. The Feminine Nature is cold, wet, shady and is in tuning with the Moon. This, naturally, accordin' with the ancient principles of the mysticism.

sandman4sure  ·  long ago
Thanks a lot for this one! I used it for my myspace page, and it looks great!!! You are really a great artist! (Y)(Y)

artist15  ·  long ago

  ·  long ago
ðåñïåêò îäíîçíà÷íî

ShanghaiFlower  ·  long ago
just great

Monika  ·  long ago
Don't take it personally,i love it,but theese two look like forks.But I love it:)

slidge  ·  long ago
do a dragonfly one

RobertZet  ·  long ago
Lubię takie kolory. Ciekawy klimat (Y)

Bubblegum  ·  long ago
My Favourite picture on this site... excellent

andrea  ·  long ago
Estos son los diseсos mas lindos y graficamente de buen gusto que he encontrado en la red. Te felicito por los colores, los temas etnicos y limpios de usar. Soy diseсadora grafica y realmente estan excelentes todos. Se nota que tuviste mucha inspiracion y creatividad. Desde chile con cariсo

laura   ·  long ago

Samantha   ·  long ago
I have looked everywhere… for months for a nice dragonfly (animated not gross bug like) background. Still looking. However, until I find one this is my favorite site. I can always find some thought provoking, and mood altering background. Thanks!

  ·  long ago

Debra  ·  28 February 2008
muy bueno

::saathiyaana:  ·  13 April 2008
!♥!..very universal n artistic apeal indeed..!♥!

::saathiyaana:  ·  13 April 2008
!♥!..very universal n artistic apeal indeed..!♥! 14, apr '08

imJoanna  ·  4 June 2013

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