Ukrainian Embroidery: Kherson

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Vlad Gerasimov 21 May 2022
May 19 is the Ukraine Embroidery day! This picture is dedicated to theKherson region. Forms of fruits, flowers, leaves close to nature are typical of Kherson region. Viburnum motifs are usually found on womens shirts, it is a symbol of beauty. Oak motifs are most often seen on boys' shirts, they are a symbol of strength, development and life. So, the boys wore a miraculous amulet of life-giving power of some kind.

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Sophie 24 May 2022
Thanks Vlad for this beautiful series of embroidery wallpapers. I’ve just checked on you I was wondering how you were faring. I wish you peace and serenity after moving out of Russia. I hope Kherson will be soon free, as the rest of Ukraine, and that a peaceful life will be possible.