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Vlad Gerasimov 29 January 2009
First of all, I'm very sorry for lack of new wallpapers this month! January was not easy for me. Anyway, here is the new artwork, spent last 3 days on it. As always, Photoshop only. Wacom Cintiq heavily used. It  is a bit dark but I hope you will like it this way!
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efand 29 January 2009
my luck for the first comment again! as usual, AWESOME!!!!
Martin Trojan 29 January 2009
Vlad, this is neat, I like it, especially the notes coming out of chimneys. Anyway, the amount of time spent on the wall could have made the walls odf the houses much different (I mean the mill at least) But I totally agree with my other half yelling out: THIS IS VLAD GERAMISOV AS WE KNOW HIM. Keep on ... as always. Also, first of - take good care of your inner life. Sorry for january being so hard on you.
pfennig59 29 January 2009
This is so cute, dark, but cute, and the warm lights make it cozy. Thank you, Vlad!
lisa 29 January 2009
Martin Stružský 29 January 2009
Oh, it is awesome as usual! :-) I like you wallpapers with music theme as I'm a musician myself (I play the violin) and I also enjoy listening to music a lot...
Arthur Pustynin 29 January 2009
Оригинально=) Сочетание цветов нравится.
BubDogg 29 January 2009
Влад, надеюсь у тебя всё нормально, январь уже почти прошёл! Ждём с нетерпением новых работ! Всегда очень радуют работы связанные с музыкой. Спасибо!
Logoman 29 January 2009
I love it ! Dark, but beautiful ! Thank you Vlad !
Adam Noble 29 January 2009
This is really cool! Kinda halloween-ish.
Kelcey 30 January 2009
Fantastic image, the nighttime look is cool but I'd love to see a daytime version:)
D. Iriana 30 January 2009
Worth waiting for. Thanks!
Terry 30 January 2009
Vlad, This is seriously the best "dark themed" wallpaper you've ever done. After MANY months, this wallpaper just replaced "a flying tree" as my desktop background.
Ronnie Ivy 30 January 2009
I agree, love the music wallpaper. You should do something with drums!!!
Kinga 30 January 2009
Yay!! Vlad is back! Nice work, it reminds me a little of halloween because of the orange windows :) :) Very whimsical too :)
chaitanya 30 January 2009
Hi vlad, This one is amazing,its quite some time that you have created a dark theme.As always we love this creation too!!!!
Ivonna 30 January 2009
Michael Leach 30 January 2009
Terrific, I'm studying music, I love dark wallpapers, and this one is now on my dual-monitor desktop.
Christina (Australia) 30 January 2009
Awesome Vlad, eeeerriieee, chilling, I want to put a jumper on looking at it! It's 43 degrees here in Melbourne, very hot hot hot, so this picture chills me out!! Welcome back :0)
Emilia Delacroix 30 January 2009
THANK YOU!!! I like that there is music in the dark as there is light in the shadow... This wall is a great metaphore for myself.
Anna Maria Wallace 30 January 2009
another lovely flight of your imagination, Vlad! Pure Magic after a bad day- Thank You!
Suzana 30 January 2009
I love this! To me this symbolizes the music of dreams, theirs, yours, ours. Well-thought-out and charming. Perhaps you could make one of two people sharing the music of their romance?
Leti 30 January 2009
I would like to see a daytime version too!
Jynrya 30 January 2009
I'm in love with this one! I love dark themed stuff. Nicely done.
Mauricio Estrella 30 January 2009
Amazing, as always! :D Thanks a lot for posting this one. The detail level is awesome!
Carolynn 30 January 2009
Your art is worth waiting for- I hope February is happier for you.
birol 30 January 2009
perfect work. but why you put the village of musicians on waste lands? any meanings or just coincidence?
Aziel 30 January 2009
Always original
Lucia 30 January 2009
ou jé, amazing
Lefteris Sfakianakis 30 January 2009
exactly what i was waiting for. Thanx vlad!
Amanda 30 January 2009
Michael Krajnak 31 January 2009
love love love it
libraryN 31 January 2009
I love how alive and energetic the dancing trees are. Beautiful, thank you!
Aidolar 31 January 2009
Crazy village=) but good=D
Cory 31 January 2009
Excellent, as always!
31 January 2009
Super!!! Respekt!!! Prekrasnaja ideja!!!! Spasibo!!!!!!
Maynor Mijangos 31 January 2009
Increible, me encanta, Felicitaciones!!
kruzlsee 31 January 2009
Perfect! Thanks.......
park 31 January 2009
회원가입어찌해용 ㅋ ?
Câline 1 February 2009
This is very nice Vlad. I think we all can wait for new walls, your work is always inspiring.
Jan Blazicek 1 February 2009
Umm...Second best dark wall for me...N1 was that black cat sitting in a dark room...I don't know the name, but that was piece of exquisite simplicity :). Anyway, great work as always. Hope feb will be more pleasing than passed month.
Priscila 2 February 2009
qubra_(turkey) 2 February 2009
amazingggg..... çok güzeell.... :O :)
Mariya K-W 2 February 2009
Lost for words. Hope all is good with you, Vlad. Greetings!
Rui 2 February 2009
In a word! Fabulous .... Thanks, Vlad.
LG 2 February 2009
Welcome back!!
APOSTOL 3 February 2009
Very nice and clever as always. Thank you!
Diego MAZZI 3 February 2009
one of the best, excellent.
mimi watstein 3 February 2009
this is a whimsical, warm wonderful piece. there is no such thing as coincidence... I have just 'found' you and am very happy.
George Mariot 3 February 2009
What I like in your wallpapers is the way you tell the story ! I am not talking about the technical part of the image ( you are a master in Photoshop anyway), I am talking about the inspiration and the sensibility you use to approach each and everyone of your creations. Thanks a lot !
Lau 4 February 2009
it's fantastic! u have the best ideas :)
Simon Metcalf 6 February 2009
I can't say how much pleasure your art gives me! This is beautiful on so many levels! Peace and prosperity to you and your family!
Ampit 6 February 2009
Thankyou Vlad. We were missing you. Hope you only had too much work. This one is wonderful
sergiom99 6 February 2009
great work dude! I am still waiting for a cow in the "micro animals" series. ;-)
z4wil 8 February 2009
Nice Artwork Vlad....:) I love dark colors...
Amanda 8 February 2009
I am a new member - however haven't spent ages looking at all the great wallpapers - this one is so clever- love it!
Amanda 9 February 2009
I am a new member and love the wallpapers- however this one is fab!
Tusnelda 11 February 2009
Vlad, Where do you get all these wonderful ideas?
high school musical 16 February 2009
WoOoOoOoOoOoOoW I LOVE IT !!!! GO East GO West Vlad is the best !!!!!!!!
Jeffrey Shinn 20 February 2009
I like it a lot. It is of course a very dark theme, but then at the same time with the notes emanating from the chimneys adds a certain level of cheer. Very nice contrast.
Paolo 26 February 2009
The most beautiful melody of the world ... GREAT !!
Esther T. 7 March 2009
Awesome dark wall - will really enjoy using this one and will work well with a bunch of my Stardock themes. Thanks much!
Ideh 8 March 2009
I like it!..
Haze 17 March 2009
dark, neat and original.. love it!
viivi 18 March 2009
tosi hieno =)
Sammy 18 March 2009
thats so cool looking
dodoria 19 March 2009
I love this one, it is my favorite.
Avanax 19 March 2009
Klobouk dolu před každým kdo vládne takovýmto tvůrčím umem. Myslím, že Stvořitel a Vy jste opravdový frajeři!
Piotr Maliszewski 21 March 2009
Wspaniała tapeta, używam jej od dłuższego czasu. Great wallpaper.
hamid 23 March 2009
it's very cute
Ghent 24 March 2009
I think this is a beautiful wallpaper, my girlfriend is going to love it :)
Abigail Hatley 8 April 2009
IT'S DARK! It also makes me feel complete emotion for the beauty of music. I play piano, flute, guitar, trumpet and I understand music can give such an inspiration.
Lubos Jirasek 15 May 2009
Vlad, this is really very nice wallpapper ! I like this kind of pictures. Dark and mysterious. More wallpappers like this! very mysterious atmosphere
Tanja 21 October 2009
Hello! I'm a new member... found Vlads artwork via a wallpaper site that had a wp with his sign on and i didnt hesitate at all to pay for registration here! I LOVE this wallpaper and lots of others too... ;) Anyway... i'm happy! :D
Vlad Gerasimov 21 October 2009
Tanja: thank you very much :-)
Bartek 7 March 2010
Beautiful. Me and my partner are big admirers of Your Art. But here appears problem: With so many wonderful pictures - WHICH ONE SENDTO DESKTOP? :) Good work.
Jacek Stromecki 13 July 2010
Brillant wallpaper. Is there a chance to have an daylight version? I'd love to have the daylight version at work, when I spent my first part of day, and at home the night light version. Similar to 'When the Night Comes' at work vs 'When the Day Comes' at home. Besides daylight version is much better for holidays months ;-)
Nicola Cesare 11 October 2012
Michael Cohen 31 May 2019
Just wanted to say, this has always been my favourite piece of yours.
Patricia Ruiz Blanco 11 June 2019
Es tan hermoso y perfecto... Me hace soñar, gracias!!!
sunli1996 18 September 2019
Andrea Gatt 18 December 2022
This is literally my all time favourite wallpaper! I don't know why, but it just speaks to me. Thank you so much Vlad for your artistry, and sharing it with us <3 /necrodanoldthread :O