The Impenetrable Wall of Love

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Vlad Gerasimov 26 April
I was trying to draw a simple picture, with people made of cardboard. But I guess my thoughts of war leak through. War, please stop.

This wallpaper is made for Smashing Magazine, a great source of wisdom for web designers and developers. Check out their Wallpapers category, where I publish monthly calendars.

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Roberta Hudgins 26 April
the power of love!
Rick 26 April
Superb, Vlad - thanks for sharing!
Baby Bone 26 April
Very nice, Vlad. Will you consider a few different background colour as well?
Kathy Minton 26 April
Love it Vlad. The world can always use a little more love.
Felicity Pearson 26 April
This is delightful. Thanks!
akun273044 26 April
Sue 27 April
So wonderful!
Rebecca A Lane 27 April
So perfect. Thank You Vlad!
Nicoandresr 27 April
So nice! Love is the most powerful strength
Kelcey 27 April
Wonderful as always, thank you Vlad.
Aurora 27 April
Me encanta! Muchas gracias por compartirlo.
Mar 27 April
Thoughts can leak through walls; but nothing can harm all-embracing, unlimited love, because it has the power to heal EVERYTHING :)). Lots of love - and thanks, Vlad!
Idin 27 April
Together we stand divided we fall.
Michele 30 April
Love wins!
eli 4 May