Where Smiles Are Born (Version 2009)


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Vlad Gerasimov 15 October 2009
This is the re-designed version of  my old artwork, Where Smiles Are Born. I suddenly wanted to recreate it using my improved Photoshop skills. Hope you like it!
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Martin Stružský 17 October 2009
Oh my god, that's fantastic Vlad! Great improvement over the previous version... I envy you your skills and ideas :)
Xavier Robin 17 October 2009
I must admit that I liked the old one better… rougher, simpler, maybe more naive, it had a special "vladstudio" touch. This one is more conventional, but it's not bad for all that.
17 October 2009
Unfortunately the old one is better. Please, do not trust photoshop too much ;)
Jo 17 October 2009
I like them both. But the original was more "organic".... more natural..... there is room for both!
ReggieMann 18 October 2009
Love this one better than the other - much clearer and sharper. Just my opinion. As stated previously there is room for both :)
Vladimir 18 October 2009
awesome... i like it... Следую твоим примерам ;)
Layne 18 October 2009
I think they are two completely different things i like the old one better
Sharon Robak 19 October 2009
Too cute for words!
Daniel Pfuhl 19 October 2009
Hi Vlad, nice work but to straight - in my opinion. I like the old one better. I have it as background on my mobile phone since years ;-)
Gary aka skyzyk 19 October 2009
Excellent job my friend. I still use the orig. Good job. It still makes me smile.
Sandra 20 October 2009
The new one looks more professional, but lacks style and personal touch. Maybe you could create a third version of the wallpaper which features your photoshop skills and your personality.
dims 20 October 2009
I support Sandra's idea :)
MA 20 October 2009
Vlad, do you make good money making when you create these desktop backrounds? thanks! :)
KB 21 October 2009
Dear Vlad, I agree with those who told you, that the first one had much more personality. I miss that in your new designs quite a lot! It would be such a shame if you'd completely "forget" that good old Vlad-design, and concentrate this much on Photoshop-skills!!!
sonia 21 October 2009
خیلی خوبه ......Thats Very Nice ,
kola 21 October 2009
love it :) Thank you a lot.
Arthur Pustynin 21 October 2009
Сильно просто.
AMPIT 21 October 2009
Th first one was beautiful, this one is even better. I used the first one for many weeks, I will use this one as well. All the best. Thanks
nice work vlad.
Michael S Lewis 25 October 2009
Thank You ........for you art work and being kind enough share it with us.....!
fahmy 26 October 2009
i love them both..... terrific arts.... each one of your is masterpiece.....
ronf 30 October 2009
it's fantastic!!! W VLAD!!!!!!!!!!☺☺☺☺☺
lucy 31 October 2009
awwwh I liked the original, had it on my pc at work for about a year xxx
LuckyStar 3 November 2009
selim 8 November 2009
Madalena 25 November 2009
This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carolyn Harris 25 November 2009
Love these, they are so refreshing. Love the simplicity and humour
Me 9 December 2009
Love this new one.. Teach me pliss...
10 December 2009
Thank You
Susan 20 December 2009
22 December 2009
Ann 3 January 2010
Ooooh....green is my favourite color...thank you very much Vlad...!!
CSW 13 January 2010
Great work. It's so refreshing to see the creative yet pleasantly simplistic nature of your art. Your now my go-to guy for keeping my desktop fresh! Thanks so much!
kim.b.k 20 January 2010
너무 이뻐요
Bellatrix Swanner 27 January 2010
Awwww so cute!
M. K 12 February 2010
so cute
19 February 2010
zynaa 19 February 2010
thas very good!"!""!!!!!
Terry Carlton 2 May 2010
Very nice. Any chance to get the PSD of it ? The bean pod with the smiley face works well for the lock screen on my iPad but for the home screen I would rather not have the orange smiley face make it just like the pea next to it. Thanks
Marija 27 May 2010
Wow,it's wonderful ...let the smiles born always to all people !
ojas 13 September 2010
Love it!!! so calming! :)
3wash 11 April 2012
bro You are very stunning Wish you success
林 from china 6 September 2013
Javian 20 April 2014
Simple smile