Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 February 2008
That's a bit strange wallpaper, I admit! Still I hope you'll like it :-)

ChocoLizzie  ·  15 February 2008
Let me be the first to say, beautiful as usual. You keep my desktop and cell phone looking amazing. Thanks. *folds hands and bows in your general direction*

Dusty Wolf  ·  15 February 2008
It's b-e-a-u-t -i-ful!!! Love that green.

Tuck  ·  15 February 2008
I love the different expressions the spiders are making. I can imagine how each one of them is feeling. I love their bulging eyes! You're very gifted!

Alice  ·  15 February 2008
thanks :-)

Jean  ·  15 February 2008
This is amazing! Just the color I needed after this gray winter... Thank you Vlad!

San George  ·  15 February 2008
This is beautiful. I love greeeeeen and it's just perfect...

Richard  ·  15 February 2008
This.is.great. (I love the spiders)

Ruby  ·  15 February 2008
I just love this one. It's soo cute. 2dt

Richard  ·  16 February 2008
I am now on comment #2...cause I love it so much. I like the other you did too, with the single little spider. So now, being a member of the Vlad world (for life), would it be so rude to request a spider series? I would love to see one with a spider web (with dew drops) and of course the spider web's owner somewhere to be found.

Terry  ·  16 February 2008
Another masterpiece. I LOVE it. The only thing I wish wasn't as visible is the gradient circle that's centered in the picture. If you were able to keep the background blurred and take out the "circle", it'd be perfect. That being said, it's still my new background! :)

Poekie  ·  16 February 2008
Very nice wallpaper! But it contains 1 little mistake (big mistake for a biologist;-): spiders have 8 legs.

fengshaun  ·  16 February 2008
WOWWWWW! GORGEOUS it will remain on my desktop for quite a loooooooooong time!

Milica  ·  16 February 2008
Love it! So joyful! :) Makes me wanna be there and play with little fellows.

Moo  ·  17 February 2008
Your creativity is so refreshing and enjoyable, my desktop is never boring. I love the spider's reflection!

child.  ·  17 February 2008
might be better if you change the color of the spiders so that they contrast the green. or else the whole desktop seems almost boring.. and plain. other wise, i must say..your weird wallpapers are normally simply most creative and adorable..

iris  ·  17 February 2008
wonderful~~~ I love it~~~~

Benjigarner  ·  17 February 2008
I love this one ;) Featuring on GuiPulp > http://guipulp.com/

Melody Liu  ·  17 February 2008
I love this one because of the water drops and the green. But I won't be taking because im terrified of spiders. >.<

Maia  ·  17 February 2008
Pronziteljno krasivaja i dobraja kartinka, vot esli u pauchkov bylo by po 8 nozhek, bylo by luchshe

vara  ·  18 February 2008

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