Night Launch


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 January 2010
First of all, my apologies for lack of new works last month - too many things happening at once, including business travel to USA, then New Year, then birthday, all combined with a lot of work. Hopefully, more new walls coming very soon! This wallpaper is about one of  my favorite topics: space. Clouds of smoke are drawn with wonderful Smoke and Clouds Brush by Wen-JR.

Richard  ·  15 January 2010
This is super cool. Hope you had a good birthday, fellow Capricorn (mine was late December). should do a Zodiac series! Cheers.

Guillermo Rico  ·  15 January 2010
Perfect as usual! But, i want more!!!! Where are u?

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 January 2010
Guillermo Rico: please read wallpaper description :-)

Carl Willetts  ·  15 January 2010
Nice work again Vlad and happy New Year too. I hope you've had a great birthday and that the break from creating wallpapers has refreshed your creative skills.

Matthew  ·  15 January 2010
This looks great!

Aziel  ·  15 January 2010
A long time waiting, but the result is always beautiful.

Francesco Mion  ·  15 January 2010
Pleeeeeeeeease, add 2560x1440 as resolution..

Arthur Pustynin  ·  15 January 2010

Graham  ·  15 January 2010
Hey, Vlad! Happy Belated Birthday! I did have the intention of sending you birthday wishes via Facebook but like you I have been busy... no excuse really, so apologies for that. I love this image of Night Launch! btw, check out apple movie trailers for a new movie called Hubble. They take the Imax camera up into space with the space shuttle and film amazing shots of space and earth etc. This may further inspire you :-) Take care, eh Graham

Sohyun  ·  16 January 2010
Awesome work! C:

Sergey Gorlov  ·  16 January 2010
missing the moon and some stars in the sky but whatever )

Karl  ·  16 January 2010
This rocks. Simple & effective. Not too much details, just what is needed. Good work, really.

Vittorio  ·  16 January 2010
Great, as usual

costi  ·  16 January 2010
great work! keep it up!

codbsrla  ·  16 January 2010
Good wallpaper! And also happy birthday!

Cristina  ·  16 January 2010
Zodiac series: Yes please!!! Good wallpaper this one though :)

A1Elements  ·  16 January 2010
Thanks god, Vlad is back,... :-D

luca pasquadibisceglie  ·  16 January 2010
welcome back vlad! italy supports you!!

Adam Moore  ·  16 January 2010
Very cool! A bit different than your usual work too. Impressed :)

Vida Hernaus  ·  16 January 2010
oh, i like this one a lot! :) and best wishes for 2010 to you and everybody you love! :)

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