Self Portrait

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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
now blue, and with self portrait!
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demi long ago
Aren't we all 0110101001010101.... ?
Baphomet long ago
Oleg long ago
Wow! That's cool!
joeko long ago
(y) adorable, some of the best work I've ever come across... keep it up :-)
damu long ago
cooooooooool (U)
GZ long ago
WOW!!! Cool!!!
D.Valentinov long ago
verry nice looking pictures,best vision,very proffesional work,my admiration
siddharth long ago
its the mirror ................. tht's creativity
mark long ago
g-dogg (n)
yuil long ago
:-) (n)
brittany long ago
hee hee hee i like it...its creative
Jhoy long ago
YYAAa... New wallpaper. :) .. (going back three wallpapers.) ;)
thank you for your exquisite wal long ago
now it is a joy to behold my desktop!!!
long ago
my new wp :)
jeopardee long ago
are we looking in a mirror? very cute. with the title as self-portrait i expected to see one of Vlad. but eventually it was meant to appeal to the viewer, i suppose. :-)
Snéhà long ago
;-) Unbeatable !
notMENTOR long ago
weeehooooo its me :-D
RoSy long ago
that's very nice :-) 2aftaker enak batshaga3 7arkat el tecnology
Lizzie long ago
Wow! This is really cute! I absolutely LOOOOOVE all of your wallpapers... well most.. but thanks so much!
Ragen_Dragon long ago
Very Digital! (Y)
undead faery long ago
Whoa...did you fill in all the little squares individually? *stares*
divya long ago
Cool i loved it i can see myself
xscribblesx long ago
So revealing.... I thought we might have caught a little prespective on who you were...I guess we did :P lol
Agung 22 April 2009
cool! you have many good wallpapers, thanks a lot
Desmond 21 September 2010
Its great one, but arens u supposed to be with a macbook and not with a pc, however I just wrote that without any intention, the wallpaper looks great, I use your self portrait as a wallpaper ;)
OoozzZ 24 June 2016
супер картинка :) привет из 2016-го...