A Girl Under A Thousand Blankets


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  30 January 2011
elizabeth This wallpaper has a story. I got an e-mail from a man I worked with on  a project back in 2003. He sent me  a couple of drawings made by his 6-year-old daughter, and asked if  I could make an artwork based on them, as  a gift for her. One drawing immediately inspired me (see the picture on the right), so here is the result!

fengshaun  ·  30 January 2011
Very very nice! The color choice is awesome! Keep 'em coming Vlad!

Brett  ·  30 January 2011
Love it, as always :)

Erkan  ·  30 January 2011
Very nice design.

César Eduardo Aguilera  ·  30 January 2011
I love how you drag inspiration out of thin air. Amazing an beautiful as always :)

Evan Morse  ·  30 January 2011
Oh very nice! Super peaceful... It's tough to feel much stress at all while working on a computer with this as the background.

Kelcey  ·  30 January 2011
Stunningly beautiful:)

ROBERTA HUEY  ·  30 January 2011
What a beautiful gift. I always look so forward to your new works. Thank you very much.

Margarida Porto  ·  30 January 2011
Ipressionante. Muito bom ter pessoas criativas no planeta. Seus trabalhos são maravilhosos.

sahar  ·  30 January 2011
very nice and very good picture !

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  30 January 2011

Doug Cohen  ·  30 January 2011
As the Father of the little girl who sent the picture I would like everyone to know that Vlad created more than a work of art here, he created another artist! After her seeing her drawing morph into Vlad's work and be shared around the Internet Elizabeth is so excited now that I'm sure she will pursue her art for life. Thanks Vlad, for showing a child how dreams come true.

Robin Bagley  ·  30 January 2011
This reminds me of "The Princess and the Pea!" So cute for both the little girl and you.

Mark  ·  30 January 2011
Fantastic work. Beautiful.

Maria R.  ·  30 January 2011
It is so good to know that there is inspiration in all the simple beautiful things. Excellent work. Beautiful message. Thank you.

Isabel  ·  30 January 2011
Like Robin, I was also reminded of the story of 'The Princess and the Pea' when I looked at both images! Wonderfully done, both of you :)

Yennifer  ·  30 January 2011
This is beautiful!!!! Thank you Vlad

aenea  ·  30 January 2011
simply fabulous! thanx ^_^

Monica  ·  30 January 2011
This is so beautiful Vlad!

Justin Murray  ·  30 January 2011
creative, but not thrilled about this one really. looking forward to more stuff..

cat  ·  30 January 2011
That is so inspiring.... this is a amazing picture, and it is so nice of you to help this little girl's dreams come true. I love this picture!!

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