A Flying Tree

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  31 January 2006
It's a flying tree! :-) Once again, made with little help of ContextFree. Inspired by  i have no idea what, but not Gorillaz video clip! (where they had flying island).

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M. Shakir  ·  long ago
My all time favourite (Y)(L)

spliket!  ·  long ago
this is my favorite of the flying trees. it is dark, but i think it is an appropriate mood for the subject. it's very eerie.

jota  ·  long ago
(Y) & (L)

Jen  ·  long ago
This is stunning! well done

rohini  ·  long ago
ur work is very good it charms the desktop.!!:-)

Armando  ·  long ago
this is great as usual. i love the emotion it gives me it makes me think

japanesemoose  ·  long ago
duuuuuuuuuuude this rulez... im puttin this on myspace:-)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
japanesemoose: don't forget you're required to provide link to vladstudio.com if you use my wallpaper in your myspace page.

ai  ·  long ago

Emina  ·  long ago
I love it! One o my favourites, together with (Fost)!

saz  ·  long ago
this is isnt just artwork this is a masterpiece!!!!

jack  ·  long ago
im not seeing anything; im trying to wallpaper it so i can see what it looks like better if i decide to buy it but nothings loading?

Yady  ·  long ago
Esta buenisimo...;-)

mike  ·  long ago
tracked down the origenal artist Vlad Gerasimov

Anonymous  ·  long ago
3840x1024 pretty please? :D

vitupea  ·  long ago
putsi, sa oled andekas, vana lita

Andrey Chernov  ·  long ago
One of the best

MoHaMMaD JahanJou  ·  long ago
i'm X0173. this wallpaper is very beautyfull . GOOD

resobrain  ·  long ago
Wonderfull.... i love it very sureallistic !

Caline  ·  long ago
Love it! Es como la Ascensión, pero vegetal... ;-)

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