A Romantic Flying Tree

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  31 January 2006
...and yet another version of previous wallpaper. Enjoy! :-)

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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
Ks: yes, very :-)

hfudfF  ·  long ago
darling, thats stunning but if its romantic then, leave this one as "sunset" and add more pink and red!!!! then it will be a valentine special!!!

;-(  ·  long ago
thats amazing! cant say anything else!!! (L)(L)

ravi_k751@yahoo.com  ·  long ago
hai h r u iam fi

Vin  ·  long ago
the color combination is marvellous. gr8 job

Armando  ·  long ago
this is amazing

Michael  ·  long ago
Pure ingenuity,but striking show of style that flows the eyes with outstanding taste,simply stunning.

sawdust  ·  long ago
put it inside a crystel egg.y

S.J.  ·  long ago
Pretty Sick. :-)

??????  ·  long ago

KhYmikaze  ·  long ago
it looks...:-O :-D ;-)

KhYmikaze  ·  long ago
it looks...:-O :-D ;-)

justin  ·  long ago
vlad what did you use to create this? i LOVE it. if you want you could always do a tutorial :) that would be cool.

Gaul  ·  long ago
I might name it "Patriotic Flying Tree"!! Cause the background looks like my countries national flag! :-)

HOz  ·  long ago
Very nice, who is the author of this?

Moo  ·  long ago
Yes, yes, yes! :D

ks  ·  long ago
romantic? sure? :-)

van  ·  12 January 2008

qubra  ·  16 December 2008
i lovee it very muchhh...!

Craig Huffstetler  ·  24 March 2009
I love this series. Each graphic conveys the emotion (or adjective) they are to titled for (i.e. "A *Romantic..."). They are subtle, yet incredible. They also remind me of the movie _The Fountain_ which was emotion packed. If you've seen the movie (or even the cover) you know. If you do not understand the emotion part, you have to see the movie!

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