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An Optimistic Flying Tree

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Vlad Gerasimov 31 January 2006
Responding to several requests, I made lighter version of previous wallpaper. Enjoy! :-)
Add a comment long ago
gud,but lower half of the image is too artificial...itt destroyes all the image...any way,mistakes r the stepping stones for success
nara long ago
(L) beatiful
turd long ago
it long ago
it sucks like hell
iVo long ago
person010101010 long ago
do you have a url code i can copy?
Encon long ago
Anouther Purely Genious design.(Y)
öö long ago
den va jätte fiin :-)
Kitty long ago
(L) it !
florine85 long ago
I still I hope when I see this tree :-)
Gr8NayNayy long ago
Wow, wow, wow! (Y)
Petr long ago
Thanx for this:-) I Love That
ronnie long ago
My high on a good Day!! (L)
Moily long ago
saz long ago
beautiful, but it would be even more optimistic if the light was coming from somewhere! the effects you could do with a sun would look simply amazing!
Moo long ago
Oooooh!!!! :) I like!
Caline long ago
Love it!!!!!!! This is my favorite of the flying trees. Thank you very much!! (Y)
David long ago
So nice :-P Continue your excellent work!!! :-)
Tauheed long ago
I love this tree!
Steven long ago
I Love This Work That you do all The Time Brilliant flying tree my favourite(L)
Any:) 5 January 2008
Oooooh!!!! I like!I Love This Work That you do all The Time Brilliant flying tree my favourite
Jirka 12 January 2008
It brightened my desktop up. I love your work. Keep on creating!
madman 24 March 2008
Kashyap 27 March 2008
saeedeh 6 April 2008
tree flying!! it is me.
Katara 22 July 2008
It reminds me of Avatar: The Last Air Bender :)
Christina 13 December 2008
WOW!! this is definetely my favorite wallpaper. i just love the colors and the unrealisticness of it. and i love how it seems stranded.
anonymous 29 September 2009
tanja vucetic 26 October 2009
zete super su
vishal 18 February 2010
its fantastic
faraz 19 February 2010
its really a cool stuff in wallpapers, which i had seen b4 .........the colors and placements, are all cool
naru 1 March 2010
i looked earlier the old version of this in black & white , its a hell of inspiring, this is great too..but fuel the tree with color version would be that asking too much? =D cheers
patricia 4 March 2010
Muizz DoN 20 April 2010
Very Nice Wallpapers. ! L!kE It.....!!!!!!!!!
istanbul 29 April 2010
eternal tree....
30 August 2010
so sweet
Manda 26 October 2010
So nice,i like it,,, !!!!!!!
i am number four 31 May 2011
i like it...........i love it..........and i very love it
khan 9 June 2011
it's good
23 October 2011
Dóra 16 November 2011
Please let it available on T-shirt!
Poo 14 June 2012
So preety
Achinta 27 January 2013
its all very cooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kris 30 May 2014
iys 29 May 2015
anyone notice a girl face under the tree? intentional?
Alistair 2 March 2020