All is Full of Butterflies


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 June 2006
Oh my God! This is  my wallpaper #400!!! Also see previous wallpaper (green) - they are the series!

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Kruppt  ·  long ago
KoooL Paper! Kruppt

سجاد  ·  long ago
پروانه ها نشانه ی عشق هستند. همان موجوداتی که برای رسیدن به معشوق خود می سوزند.....

Francesca (Italy)  ·  long ago
Grazieeeeeeeeee è stupendo!!! Adoro le farfalle. (L)

Ewa from Poland  ·  long ago
Naprawdę piękne i oryginalne tapety, poleciłam je znajomym.Trzymać tak dalej:)

Aline (Brasil)  ·  long ago
Muito lindo! amo borboletas!! este site tem umas artes maravilhosas! Parabéns! Congratulations!! Regards, Aline Azevedo

Caline  ·  long ago
You'll always surprising... I saw the ladybugs first and now I Love this first. Wanna see a turtle of yours. Thanks for all the great talent that you have. :-)

babake pegah  ·  long ago
به انتظار تصویر تو این دفتر خالی تاچند.تاچند ورق خواهد خورد

Satz  ·  long ago
wOwwwwwww!!!!!! Vlad you simply rock (Y) great work!!! Keep going amigo ... :-)

Chaitrali  ·  long ago
My My....Butterfiles have always been my favorite...for their tender colors and grace....and although these butterflies are not colorful....they are do manage that?? Awesome!! i am going to have to learn some new adjectives now!! Regards, Chaitrali

Jaideep  ·  long ago
Dearest Vlad, You are forever unbeatable in creating graphic miracles, as always. You are a MASTER in it's truest sense. Thanks infinitely.

Charm  ·  long ago
Awesome! I love butterflies, and my favourite colour is blue! This is perfect :o)

Michelle  ·  long ago

spiritwriter  ·  long ago
If only the heart could fly - thanks for making mine flutter - (L)

gen  ·  long ago
Precioso!!!!! (Y)

kol  ·  long ago
It is very beutiful! :-D L :-D L :-D L :-D L

divya  ·  long ago
I must say vlad, the way you play with blue color its really amazing .. Nobody can do that.Well done i loved this pic Thanks

Amanda  ·  long ago
Hey this is an Awesome background wonder If you have a mailing list for backgrounds. I love this background Im using it on my Desktop. Butterflies are my favorite and blue is my favorite color.

kim  ·  long ago
only one word: beautiful!!!!!!!

Jaideep  ·  long ago
Simply E-N-C-H-A-N-T-I-N-G (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)

Merkoth  ·  long ago
Ok, I must stop downloading wallpapers :-P It's just beatyful, as always. Since this is the last one I'll comment today: Thank you very much Vlad :-D

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