Le Cheval

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  4 July 2007
My wife is taking a lot of horse riding lessons recently! So  I dedicated an artwork to this! Also dedicated to wonderful Tihomirovy Fund - see my previous wallpapers about them. Thanks!

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darthvinyll  ·  long ago
nice :-) looks like the rider's face seems to be sad or distressed... i think that the dots representing the eyes are too close to the circle of the outline of the head, resulting in this visual impression

Lauren  ·  long ago
I love this one. :)

  ·  long ago
and her face expression...esp. her eyes ....seems to me that she is being tender with the horse...looking at the horse with gentle considerate eyes

A  ·  long ago
wonderful clouds...wonderful horse design! =)))

Deena  ·  long ago
I like them so many much!!!!!!!

mazdak  ·  long ago
Great.:) www.mazdakizadyar.com

BOK  ·  long ago

Matilda  ·  long ago
Is it a horse or a giraffe?

kiswa  ·  long ago
uwo - Le Cheval means "The Horse" in English.

uwo  ·  long ago
what does Le Cheval means in English?

Cynthia  ·  long ago
Awesome! I like the way you represented the clouds. I also checked on the Thimorovy Fund website and it's a wonderful work helping disabled children. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Ludmila  ·  long ago
Standing or riding?

Mohammed Korashy  ·  long ago
Helping disabled children with horseback riding With These Beautiful Wallpapers, Is Such A great Work, That's So Nice. And By The Way, Is This Horse Is Different From Don Quijote's Horse?, Because I Think The Other One Was A Limousine!

mkorashy  ·  long ago
Great !

Justin Murray  ·  long ago
love this wallpaper. the way you represented the clouds is amazing. i cant wait to use this wallpaper when autumn (in the U.S.) comes around. great great work

Emily  ·  long ago
I love how you did the clouds! Lovely!!!

darthvinyll  ·  long ago
also, the high quality versions of this wallpaper seem a lot darker than the preview or even the low quality ones. i'm using firefox, is anyone else getting this?

Ribbot  ·  long ago
Is that a horse or a giraffe....or both?

Bennish  ·  long ago
Lovely - makes me think of Don Quixote somehow. Are you likely to put up a phone size of 480x640, for VGA Windows Mobile devices? thanks

Ampit  ·  long ago
Beutiful and the former onefor the Thimorovy Fund also very nice, and a very nice job they do also.

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